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Saavi Ki Savaari 26 June 2023 Written Story Update

Saavi Ki Savaari 26 June 2023 Written Story Update On

The Episode Starts With Vedika dialing Nityam’s number, inquiring about his expected arrival time at home. Deceptively, Nityam asserts that he will return after finalizing an important business deal. Himesh inquires about Nityam’s well-being, to which Vedika expresses her belief that Nityam appears unaffected by the divorce and regrets the decision to compel him into marrying Saavi. Attempting to provide solace, Himesh assures Vedika that everything will eventually be fine. However, Vedika remarks that his words resemble those of Nityam himself.

Today marks Saavi’s engagement, and Vedika wonders aloud whether they can ever find a girl as exceptional as Saavi. She laments that only memories will endure from this point forward. Fondly reminiscing, she visualizes how Saavi used to take care of the entire family and vividly recalls her acts of nurturing. Himesh mentions that they started having meals together after Saavi’s arrival.

Vedika proceeds to narrate instances when Saavi used to resolve everyone’s problems while sitting on the sofa. Coincidentally, Nityam returns home during their conversation. He also reminisces about Saavi’s independent efforts in cleaning the carpet. Curious about Nityam’s arrival time, Vedika questions him, and he claims to have just arrived. Nityam requests Vedika to change the carpet, avoiding her concern about his well-being. Vedika insists that they should attend Saavi’s engagement wholeheartedly, ensuring Saavi’s conviction in her decision and facilitating her progress in life. Nityam quietly nods in agreement and walks away.

Saavi and Manav arrived home, and as they reached the doorstep, Manav requested Saavi to pause and asked if their family was prepared. He then instructed Saavi to open the door, which she did willingly. To her surprise, the house was adorned with decorations for the engagement. Curious, Saavi inquired if Manav had done all of it by himself. Manav replied that his father had assisted him. Saavi sought Manav’s father’s blessings and excused herself, stepping away. Manav noticed Saavi’s sorrowful expression. Concerned, Sonam approached him and inquired about the reason for Saavi’s sadness. Manav questioned whether he was making a mistake, leaving Sonam feeling anxious.

Recalling her divorce with Nityam, Saavi couldn’t hold back her tears. The melancholic version of the song “Nazdeekiyan” played in the background. Sonam approached Manav, expressing concern about his state of mind. Manav felt as though he was committing a crime. He acknowledged that Saavi seemed unhappy and it was evident she wasn’t ready for the engagement, given that she had recently gone through a divorce and everything was happening too quickly. Sonam took advantage of the situation and manipulated Manav’s thoughts. She blamed Nityam for always coming between them and urged Manav not to let him succeed this time. Sonam convinced Manav that only he could understand Saavi and keep her happy.

Just then, Nityam and Vedika arrived, shocking Manav. He wondered why Nityam was present. Sonam instigated Manav against Nityam, claiming that he had come to prove that he could never secure a place in Saavi’s heart. Nutan warmly welcomed Vedika and Nityam. Vedika explained that she had brought Nityam to demonstrate to Saavi that he wasn’t affected by her engagement.

Manav approached Saavi while Sonam advised him to leave, suggesting that Saavi would join them after touching up her makeup. Manav confronted Nityam and taunted him. In that moment, Saavi made her entrance. Manav informed Nityam that his soon-to-be wife had arrived and commended her beauty. Nityam looked at Saavi with sadness. Saavi met Vedika, who mentioned that she had brought Nityam along to help Saavi completely forget her past and move forward in her life.

Saavi and Manav took their seats on the mandap. Ratan brought tea for Nityam, referring to him as the son-in-law. Manav claimed that he was the son-in-law of the house and offered Nityam the tea. Surprising Saavi and everyone else, Nityam quickly drank the hot tea. The priest requested Saavi and Manav to exchange rings. Manav gestured to Saavi that Nityam’s ring was still on her finger. Nutan remarked that Saavi might have forgotten to remove it, given the fast-paced events. Saavi apologized to Manav, who reassured her that it was alright. However, Saavi struggled to remove the ring. Sonam suggested if the engagement ring could be placed on another finger, but the priest disagreed. Nutan advised Saavi to go to the room and take off the ring, and Saavi complied.

[Episode End]

Precap : Nityam lends a helping hand to Saavi as she endeavors to remove the ring. However, their conversation is abruptly interrupted by Manav, who swiftly whisks Saavi away. To everyone’s surprise, Manav and Saavi announce their engagement, leaving both Saavi and Nityam taken aback. Their shock deepens when they learn that Saavi and Manav’s wedding has been scheduled just two days from now.

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