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Saavi Ki Savaari 28 June 2023 Written Story Update

Saavi Ki Savaari 28 June 2023 Written Story Update On

The Episode Starts With Saavi engaged in a conversation with Raksham over the phone, urging him to dispose of the glass he holds onto dearly. Raksham, perceiving the glass as a symbol of support, expresses his hesitation. In response, Saavi implores him to consider it as her wedding gift and toss it away on her behalf. Eventually, Raksham relents and complies, asserting that he did it out of love for Saavi and their relationship.

During Raksham’s slumber, Nityam enters his room and discloses a peculiar incident that occurred after the engagement. Nityam shares that Adi Manav expressed his desire to get married within two days and mentioned acquiring a job at an American company. Nityam believes that Manav is taking advantage of Saavi’s innocence, but reassures Raksham that he will uncover the truth. Meanwhile, Manav approaches Saavi and questions her conversation regarding someone named Dalmia. Saavi clarifies that she was speaking to Raksham Bhaiyya. Manav proceeds to shift blame onto Nityam, asserting that he failed to fulfill his responsibilities. In response, Saavi defends Nityam’s actions by stating that she witnessed Mr. Dalmia taking care of Raksham. Nityam gently covers Raksham with a blanket and mentions checking on him at night. Manav argues that Nityam failed to support Saavi. Saavi expresses her belief that Nityam doesn’t love her. She reveals that Mr. Dalmia informed her about his knowledge of their relationship when she visited Priya Farms, highlighting that their marriage was postponed due to her mother. This revelation deeply concerns Manav, who contemplates how Saavi’s ex-husband discovered details about her current fiancé. Apologizing, Saavi expresses remorse, prompting Manav to promise to gather the guest list.

Sonam stood in conversation with the sweets shop, discussing the upcoming events. Just then, Manav arrived and began sharing his thoughts. “Nityam is quite the clever fellow,” he remarked. “You know, Saavi loves him. Yesterday, when the fan fell down, she even held his hand. It gave me hope that Saavi and I could be together. But the more I listen to you, the more I feel entangled.”

Sonam was taken aback by Manav’s words and defended herself, saying, “Why are you blaming me when we’re both involved? Our actions have consequences.” She reminded him that the wedding was only two days away, and Manav confessed, “You can lie, but I can’t. I’ve announced to everyone that I’m going to the US, but it’s not true.” Doubts filled his mind as he wondered whether Saavi would show up at the mandap.

Nutan suggested seeking advice from the sweets shop owner, hoping to find a solution. Meanwhile, Saavi expressed her desire to make roti rolls. Nutan, however, reminded her that she had to leave with Manav in two days. Saavi couldn’t bear the thought of going to the US and decided to discuss it with Manav directly.

Later, Brijesh informed Saavi that he had tried to invite Raksham, but learned from the office that Raksham had been absent and was told by Girdhar that he was sleeping. Determined to solve the problem, Saavi made her way to Nityam’s office. Nityam was inquiring about Manav from someone, expressing concern about his actions. He even mentioned that Manav might be involved in criminal activities. Saavi, shocked by the revelation, defended Manav, stating that she was going to marry him in two days. She had come to discuss Raksham with Nityam.

Nityam shared his frustrations, explaining how he had tried to build a brotherly bond with Raksham, but Raksham treated him poorly, like a stepbrother. Despite Nityam’s efforts to provide him with power and position, Raksham didn’t value it. Just then, Raksham arrived and sarcastically applauded Nityam’s words before storming off in anger. Saavi advised Nityam to mend his relationships before it was too late, emphasizing the importance of love, care, and respect. With that, she left, leaving Nityam deep in thought.

[Episode End]

Precap : Sonam requests Manav to select a company name at random, assuring him that she will prepare the offer letter accordingly. Saavi becomes aware of the decorator, Nityam, who had beautifully adorned the farm for a special occasion.

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