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Saavi Ki Savaari 29 May 2023 Written Story Update

Saavi Ki Savaari 29 May 2023 Written Story Update On

The episode commences with Nityam informing the Dalmias about his intention to appoint Raksham as a board of director, which he plans to announce on Raksham’s upcoming birthday in two days. Sonam becomes elated at the prospect of Raksham receiving a 50% partnership. Nityam instructs her to arrange the party and hands over his credit card. The announcement is meant to be a surprise for Raksham. Meanwhile, Dimpy is taken aback by the revelation. In a separate storyline, Manav returns the adoption papers to Saavi.

Vedika excitedly shares with Nityam her happiness, explaining that it stems from Nityam’s consideration for Raksham. Dimpy, on the other hand, is concerned about Raksham’s increasing involvement with Dalmia Industries, fearing that if he becomes a 50% partner, it could pose a problem for her. To counter this potential issue, Dimpy plans to utilize the papers held by Saavi as a trump card.

After a while, Sonam hands the guest list to Nityam, who inquires if it’s the final version. Vedika catches a glimpse of the list and notices that the names of the Goyal family are absent. Sonam justifies her decision by stating that she believed the Goyal family wouldn’t fit in at the party and that she wanted only the best in attendance. Vedika emphasizes the importance of family to Raksham, highlighting that the Goyal family should be invited. Sonam clarifies that her intention was to ensure perfection, but she agrees to invite her own family. Vedika reassures Sonam that she has always invited the Goyal family, and Nityam assures Vedika that he will accompany her. He then leaves to prepare for the event.

Dimpy dialed Puran Singh’s number and swiftly arranged a meeting at Hanuman Gali before abruptly ending the call. Himesh, curious about her sudden plans, inquired about her destination. In response, Dimpy revealed her intention to undergo an ultrasound to check on the baby’s condition. Himesh offered to accompany her, but Dimpy realized that she needed to steal some papers from Saavi’s house and couldn’t bring Himesh along. Together, they left the house.

As they ventured out, Dimpy happened to notice Thasvi and hatched a plan to utilize her presence. She instructed Himesh to engage in a game of badminton with Thasvi, bringing a smile to the latter’s face. Dimpy then advised Himesh to spend time with Thasvi while she excused herself from the scene.

Meanwhile, Saavi approached Manav and shared the incident involving her damaged auto and how Nityam had come to her rescue. She urged Manav to consider Nityam’s actions from her perspective. Manav served Saavi a cup of tea, triggering a nostalgic memory of Saavi offering tea to Nityam during their first encounter.

Nutan admonishes Vedika for not informing them about their arrival. Nityam embarks on a search for Saavi while Vedika inquires about her from Nutan. Nutan informs Vedika that Saavi is not present in the house. Sonam announces Raksham’s birthday to the Goyal family, eliciting excitement from them. However, Sonam reprimands them and instructs them not to wear cotton sarees. She assures them that she will provide clothes and jewelry for them to match the Dalmia family’s status. Vedika scolds Sonam for speaking to the Goyal family in such a manner. Ratna assures Vedika that she will teach Sonam everything and leads her inside.

Dimpy hands over the house map of Saavi to Puran Singh, just as Manav and Saavi arrive at the location. Saavi notices Dimpy’s presence.

[Episode End]

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