Saavi Ki Savaari

Saavi Ki Savaari 08 June 2023 Written Story Update

Saavi Ki Savaari 08 June 2023 Written Story Update On

The Episode Starts with Himesh inquiring whether Vedika had informed Nityam. Vedika responds by stating that Nityam is currently asleep. Thasvi insists that it is an important matter and contemplates waking Nityam, but Saavi intervenes, advising against disturbing his slumber as he had slept in the early hours. Just then, Devraj shouts, prompting everyone, except Saavi, to rush outside.

Eventually, Nityam awakens and assumes that Raksham has departed. Saavi informs him that Raksham is outside and has agreed to accompany them to the Dalmia house. Nityam’s face lights up with joy upon hearing this news, and he hastily rushes out, embracing Raksham. He expresses his delight, believing that their love has triumphed over Raksham’s anger. Raksham acknowledges that the Dalmias have done a great deal for him, which is why he was convinced to join them. Devraj suggests that they proceed to the Dalmia house, and Raksham invites Saavi to join them for a while. Saavi nods in agreement, affirming her willingness to accompany them.

On the contrary, Dimpy issues a command to Girdhar, instructing him to prepare breakfast for her, displaying her tendency to make the servants work extensively. Girdhar leads the servants to the door to greet the arrival of the Dalmias, causing Dimpy to be taken aback by their presence. However, she feigns joy at their return, claiming that she couldn’t eat without them. The Dalmias observe the fully laid table of food, which catches Sonam’s attention, leading her to mock Dimpy. In response, Dimpy invites the Dalmias to join her for breakfast.

Vedika informs Dimpy that they have already eaten Saavi’s homemade breakfast. Saavi insists on obtaining a promise from Raksham, urging him not to abandon the Dalmias again. Vedika emphasizes that Raksham must make this promise. Raksham contemplates the immense support he has received from the Dalmias and resolves not to trouble them any further, feeling indebted to them. He assures Saavi that he will not leave his family again. Nonetheless, Dimpy doubts Raksham’s ability to keep his promise.

Sonam expresses her delight in returning to the Dalmia household, noticing Dimpy’s bag in her room. She boldly informs Dimpy that she will not regain her position or room. Dimpy catches sight of Raksham and asserts to Sonam that once they lose their standing, they cannot reclaim it, then walks away from the situation. Sonam expresses her satisfaction that Raksham has agreed to return to the Dalmia household and departs. Raksham privately acknowledges that everything has changed and cannot revert to how it was before, yet he has returned for the sake of the Dalmias.

Saavi searches for her handkerchief and informs Nityam that she will leave once she finds it. Nityam discovers the handkerchief and conceals it from Saavi. He informs her that she can retrieve it another time, but when she tries to leave, he stops her. Saavi notices her handkerchief in Nityam’s possession and attempts to retrieve it. He lies, claiming it is his own handkerchief. Vedika arrives, and Nityam surrenders the handkerchief to Saavi. Saavi departs from the scene.

[Episode End]

Precap : Nityam confesses to Sonam about his emotional attachment towards Saavi. Subsequently, Sonam informs the Goyal family that they need to start searching for a suitable match for Saavi.

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