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Saavi Ki Savaari 04 June 2023 Episode Written Update

Saavi Ki Savaari 04 June 2023 Episode Written Update On

The episode commences with Nutan expressing her concern to her family members about Sonam. Ratna reassures her, explaining that Sonam’s shocked reaction is only natural. Brijesh chimes in, reminding Nutan that Sonam has the support of the Dalmias and therefore has no need to worry. However, Ratna interjects, cautioning them that while the Dalmias are currently supporting Raksham, their emotional allegiance can easily shift. She emphasizes that even a minor mistake by Raksham could result in him losing their support entirely. Brijesh counters by pointing out that Sonam, having lived as a Goyal, should be well-versed in adapting to change, just as Saavi transitioned seamlessly from being a Dalmia to a Goyal. Ratna questions whether he truly believes that, asserting that Saavi still holds the Dalmias’ happiness and sorrow close to her heart.

In the midst of their conversation, Manav enters the scene, bringing them milk. Ratna vents her anger onto him, but he compliments her, stating that she looked beautiful at the party. However, Ratna dismisses his remark, making it clear that she is not in the mood for laughter. She takes Brijesh inside with her, leaving Nutan to inquire about Saavi. Manav informs her that Saavi scolded him earlier. Concerned, Nutan promises to talk to Saavi and make her apologize to Manav. He insists that he will handle the situation himself and heads indoors.

Saavi meticulously chronicles every incident since she discovered Raksham’s adoption. However, Manav informs her that something crucial is missing and demands an apology. In response, Saavi inquires about his desired focus on the mission. He requests a hug from her, to which she responds with a gentle pinky hug. Unbeknownst to them, Nityam arrives and witnesses the scene.

Noticing Nityam’s presence, Saavi approaches him and inquires about Raksham’s well-being. Nityam sadly informs her that Raksham is not in good condition. Saavi suspects that he might hold her responsible for the chaos at the party, but Nityam assures her that it is not the case. He admits that he vented his anger at her out of frustration. Saavi expresses gratitude for his trust and emphasizes the need to discover the person behind the turmoil. However, Nityam’s priority lies in improving Raksham’s mood, which requires the adoption papers. Saavi leaves to retrieve the necessary documents.

Meanwhile, Manav anticipates an apology from Nityam, who bluntly reveals that he doesn’t trust Manav at all. Their relationship remains strained.

Sonam attempts to comfort Raksham, encouraging him to let go of everything and not be afraid. She advises him against separating from his family members and suggests signing the papers Nityam brought. Sonam asserts that the truth is he is Raksham Dalmia, but Raksham disagrees and leaves the house, hoping that being just Raksham will suffice for her.

Dimpy approaches Raksham and draws a parallel between his current situation and her own. She explains that she had no choice but to return to the Dalmia house, whereas he has the freedom to decide. Dimpy warns him that the Dalmias will only offer sympathy, making him feel like a stranger. Lost and directionless, Raksham wanders onto the road, oblivious to the danger of an approaching car.

In the midst of the unfolding events, Nityam discovers Raksham’s cricket bat and gun, which trigger childhood memories for both of them. The emotional revelation affects the Dalmias deeply. Sonam arrives with the news that Raksham is no longer in the house.

[Episode End]

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