Saavi Ki Savaari

Saavi Ki Savaari 18 June 2023 Written Story Update

Saavi Ki Savaari 18 June 2023 Written Story Update On

The Episode Starts with Dimpy placing the insurance papers inside a drawer. Meanwhile, Manav and the Goyal family express their concern over Saavi’s well-being.

Saavi reminisces about the moment when Nityam mentioned finding a life partner similar to her. She confronts him, stating that he lacks an understanding of true friendship, which explains why he has no friends. Nityam retorts by reminding her that her friend didn’t even wait for her divorce to be finalized. In response, Saavi reveals that they obtained a divorce when he forcibly snatched her bridal chain. She asserts that she has endured his nonsensical conversations until now, but she will tolerate them no longer because he is currently tarnishing her character. Furthermore, she expresses her happiness at getting a divorce from him and emphasizes that he will never comprehend her due to his inflated ego. With those words, she walks away from him. Nityam sarcastically advises her to seek solace in Manav and mockingly congratulates her on finding a new lover.

Raksham was in search of a highlighter pen when Dimpy handed one to him. As he used it, he stumbled upon the insurance papers for the project he was working on. Dimpy explained that Nityam was securing insurance for the project to avoid any potential risks. Considering Raksham’s inexperience in business, Nityam wanted to ensure they wouldn’t encounter any losses.

Brijesh expressed concern about Saavi not answering his call. Nutan suggested calling Dalmia House. Just then, Saavi arrived, and Nutan inquired about what had happened. Saavi ignored her and headed inside. Ratna sent Manav to talk to Saavi.

Raksham remembered Dimpy’s words about Nityam doubting his ability to handle the project alone, which led to the decision to obtain insurance. Frustrated, Raksham burned the project papers. Sonam arrived at the scene and reprimanded him for destroying the papers. Raksham explained that Nityam prioritized avoiding risks in business and promptly left. Sonam acknowledged that dealing with Raksham could wait, as she needed to focus on Saavi now.

Saavi recalled Nityam’s previous remarks. Nutan was about to knock on Saavi’s door, but Manav reassured her that he would handle Saavi and sent Nutan away. Manav knocked on Saavi’s door, but she told him that she didn’t want to talk to him or see his face.

Meanwhile, Sonam approached Nityam and inquired about his well-being. Nityam responded by accusing her of selfishness. Sonam went to get the first aid kit. Manav assured Saavi that her current state wasn’t because of him and declared that he wouldn’t leave her side. Nityam confided in Sonam that Saavi had betrayed him. Saavi told Manav that although their marriage was imperfect, Nityam had never questioned her character. This time, however, Nityam had ruined everything.

Sonam informed Nityam that she had previously mentioned Saavi moving on in her life and that Manav and Saavi were a perfect couple. Nityam admitted that Saavi had given him hope. Sonam advised him not to interfere in Saavi’s life if he wanted to find happiness.

[Episode End]

Precap : Saavi’s voice echoes through the room as she yells at Nityam. Nutan interjects, informing Saavi that she made the decision to choose Manav for herself.

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