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Saavi Ki Savaari 16 May 2023 Written Story Update

Saavi Ki Savaari 16 May 2023 Written Story Update On

The episode commences with Saavi expressing her desire to speak with Nityam. However, Nityam rebukes her for interrupting him, implying that she has become a burden to him despite his prior care for her. Saavi counters by stating that she never asked him to take care of her, highlighting how Nutan and Manav had come to take her to the Goyal house, but Nityam prevented her from leaving. Regretful, he acknowledges that he should have allowed her to spend time with Manav and apologizes for his actions. In response, Saavi remarks that he has lost his sanity and desperately needs rest.

Accepting his fault, Nityam admits that everything is his mistake. He postponed the divorce, thinking that she needed time to recover. Saavi declares her readiness to go to the Goyal house, prompting Nityam to assert that they cannot live together for more than four days. He decides to cancel the extension of the divorce and urges her to take her medication before departing from the scene.

Raksham discovers that Nityam intends to cancel the extension of the divorce, prompting him to take action to prevent it. However, Saavi pleads with him not to intervene, expressing her desire for Nityam to make his own decisions without any external pressure. Despite this, Raksham assures her that he won’t discuss the divorce matter but emphasizes that Nityam requires emotional support at this time. Saavi disagrees with him and walks away. Raksham, left alone, acknowledges that Vedika shares Saavi’s perspective, but he believes they are mistaken.

Later, in the office, Nityam consults with his lawyer who explains that money cannot alter the law. Undeterred, Nityam decides to approach the bar council for assistance. Sensing the need for privacy, Raksham dismisses the lawyer and remarks that Nityam has become infatuated and lost his rationality. Nityam implores his brother to cease his interference, asserting that Raksham lacks understanding. In response, Raksham encourages Nityam to confide in him, prompting Nityam to hand over Manav’s love letter to Raksham.

Saavi reflects on Nityam’s words and believes that she will soon recover from her emotional turmoil. At that moment, Manav contacts Saavi, requesting her presence at the Goyal house to manage the accounts. Saavi agrees to visit the Goyal house.

Raksham bursts into laughter upon reading Manav’s love letter. Kiran enters the room, and Raksham dismisses him, continuing to chuckle. Nityam informs Raksham that the situation is not a joke. Raksham acknowledges his understanding of that fact and admits that Manav beautifully expressed his feelings in the letter. He asserts that since Manav was aware of Saavi’s impending divorce, his actions are justified.

In a taunting manner, Nityam suggests that Raksham should bring Saavi and Manav together and emphasizes that he doesn’t care about it. Raksham urges him to acknowledge that everything matters to him. Nityam retorts that Saavi doesn’t need him. Raksham clarifies that it is Manav’s love letter, not Saavi’s, and encourages Nityam to accept that Manav loves Saavi. Nityam calls Kiran and instructs him to arrange a meeting, but Raksham informs Kiran that Nityam will not attend any meeting at the moment. Nityam exits the office.

Meanwhile, Manav decorates the terrace in preparation to propose to Saavi.

[Episode End]

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