Saavi Ki Savaari

Saavi Ki Savaari 20 June 2023 Written Story Update

Saavi Ki Savaari 20 June 2023 Written Story Update On

The Episode Starts with Nityam awakening to discover a newspaper article highlighting his remarkable business achievement. He proudly asserts that he is a prosperous entrepreneur, impervious to the influence of a mere auto driver. He declares that he refuses to wallow in sadness after experiencing a failed romance and instead bursts into laughter.

Meanwhile, Saavi confides in Nutan, explaining that her relationship with Manav is purely platonic. Saavi jokingly remarks that Manav would find it amusing if he were to hear about this. However, Nutan reveals that she has already spoken to Manav, and he did not find it laughable. Intrigued, Saavi asks Nutan about Manav’s response. Nutan discloses that Manav has agreed to marry Saavi.

During breakfast, Nityam engages in conversation with Raksham, who informs him that he has decided not to participate in the merger project. Curious, Nityam inquires about the reason behind Raksham’s choice. Raksham expresses his unwillingness to live as a subordinate any longer, suggesting that Nityam has the option to demote him or reduce his salary if there are any objections. Nityam assures Raksham that he will not coerce him into anything he doesn’t want to do.

Sonam interjects, expressing her desire to assist Raksham with the merger project. Raksham, determined in his decision, encourages her to take charge of the entire project before walking away from the scene.

Vedika expressed her concern to Sonam about Nityam’s lack of reaction when Raksham refused to work on the project. Nityam appeared happy, which worried Vedika. Sonam reassured her, explaining that Nityam was finally free from tension. Intrigued, Vedika inquired about the reason behind this change. Sonam disclosed that Saavi and Manav’s marriage had been arranged, and their divorce was scheduled in two days. Saavi’s family had chosen Manav for her, and it was expected that Saavi would move on with her life after the divorce. Vedika questioned if Nityam was aware of this development. Sonam informed her that Nityam was actually pleased with the news, as he never wanted to marry Saavi. Vedika headed inside, while Dimpy overheard their conversation and found it amusing. Meanwhile, Manav made an excuse to leave, and Saavi followed him.

Nityam found himself reminiscing about Saavi expressing her hatred towards him. Vedika asked him if he knew about the upcoming marriage. He responded that Saavi and Manav made a suitable match, both in terms of their status, and after the divorce, Saavi could move forward in her life. He conveyed his best wishes for Saavi. Vedika suggested that he should personally convey his wishes, but he claimed to have an important meeting. She sarcastically commented that everyone should move on, to which he agreed to accompany her to the Goyal house. He suggested they stop and buy Saavi’s favorite flower bouquet on the way. They left together, and Sonam overheard their conversation, realizing she needed to reach the Goyal house before them.

Dimpy expressed her pride in Raksham and mentioned that Nityam didn’t react when Raksham declined the merger project. Sonam scolded her, reminding her that she had already warned her not to interfere in Raksham’s matters. Raksham defended Dimpy and walked away. Sonam cautioned Dimpy to stay away from Raksham and departed. Meanwhile, Manav ignored Saavi’s attempts to communicate. Saavi implored him to clarify Nutan’s misunderstanding, and he went down on one knee, asking her to marry him.

[Episode End]

Precap : Nityam believes that Saavi and Manav are a perfect couple meant for each other. With admiration, he presents Saavi with a beautiful bouquet of flowers and playfully asks if he will be invited to her wedding. Saavi playfully responds, emphasizing that they need to have an engagement first before moving on to the wedding ceremony.

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