Saavi Ki Savaari

Saavi Ki Savaari 01 June 2023 Written Story Update

Saavi Ki Savaari 01 June 2023 Written Story Update On

The episode commences with Nityam expressing his admiration to Vedika for Sonam’s outstanding party organizing skills, emphasizing that Sonam truly deserves appreciation for her efforts. A guest inquires about Raksham’s whereabouts, prompting Nityam to inform them that Raksham is on his way. Just then, the Goyal family arrives, and Nityam compliments them on their presence. Vedika warmly greets the Goyal family, while Nityam realizes that Saavi is missing. Nutan notices his concerned expression and reassures him that Saavi is currently finding a parking spot for her vehicle. Vedika curiously asks Nutan if she witnessed the situation, to which Nutan responds that it is best to avoid any confrontation between Nityam and Saavi. Soon after, Saavi arrives at the venue, capturing Nityam’s attention and leaving him mesmerized. Vedika compliments Saavi on her appearance. As Manav enters the scene, Nityam slyly remarks that Saavi and Manav resemble a couple.

Manav clarifies to Nityam that he was invited by Vedika and Raksham. A guest inquires about Saavi, prompting Nityam to call her over and introduce her to the guest as his wife. He glares at Manav and swiftly escorts Saavi away from the conversation. Meanwhile, Manav ponders that Nityam is a smooth operator, utilizing Saavi to manage his business affairs.

Ratna converses with the guest in English while Sonam escorts her away. Sonam informs Ratna that Saavi still holds a special place in everyone’s hearts. In response, Ratna assures Sonam that soon Saavi will capture the hearts of everyone.

Meanwhile, Raksham arrives at the house feeling upset that nobody seems to care about his birthday. As he enters, he is pleasantly surprised by the decorations. Nityam asks Raksham if he thought they would forget his birthday, to which Raksham replies that Nityam made him work a lot that day. Himesh adds that Nityam didn’t even let Raksham take a break to enjoy himself.

Playfully teasing Raksham, Nityam remarks that they didn’t manage to get a pineapple cake that day. Vedika expresses her happiness, feeling like their family is finally complete. Saavi extends her birthday wishes to Raksham, who comments that she should have informed him in advance. Kiran reminds Nityam about an announcement, but Nityam suggests they relish their family moments for now and delay the announcement, stating that he is happy on that particular day. Dimpy silently laments that she can’t bear to witness Sonam’s happiness.

Sonam decides to initiate a game, and everyone happily participates. The loser is required to pick a chit and speak about the person they draw. Manav receives Saavi’s name and showers her with compliments. Vedika draws Brijesh’s name and praises him. At that moment, Dimpy joins them. Himesh asks if she is feeling better, and she nods in response. He guides her to a chair, and she notices the bowl of chits. Ratna retrieves Sonam’s name and speaks highly of her. Raksham opens his chit, only to be shocked when he sees his adoption papers and inadvertently drops them. Dimpy smirks upon witnessing this scene.

[Episode End]

Precap : Ratna inquires Sonam about the person whose name Raksham received. Sonam reveals that Raksham is an adopted son. Vedika informs Saavi that she possesses the adoption papers. However, Sonam remains skeptical of this claim. An employee from the orphanage confirms that Vedika is the one who adopted Raksham. Vedika acknowledges that Raksham is indeed her adopted son.

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