Saavi Ki Savaari

Saavi Ki Savaari 11 June 2023 Written Story Update

Saavi Ki Savaari 11 June 2023 Written Story Update On

The Episode Starts with Manav coming to a realization about his feelings. He confides in Nutan, expressing his desire to always support Saavi and marry her. Nutan raises concerns about Saavi being labeled as a divorcee after their divorce, and the possibility of Manav’s father disapproving of Saavi’s status. Manav reassures Nutan that his father has always loved Saavi since they were children and won’t have any objections. He mentions the need to find a marriage hall, but Nutan advises him to remain calm and wait until she speaks to his father.

Meanwhile, Vedika prepares to make poha for Raksham, while Dimpy shares the correct recipe with her. Devraj asks Vedika for medicine, and she instructs Dimpy to make the poha before heading inside. Dimpy, wearing a smirk, begins her task.

At the office, Nityam urges Raksham to sign some files. Raksham suggests that Nityam should eat and leave, mentioning that Vedika knows all about his preferences, so he has already eaten. Nityam departs, leaving Dimpy to bring Raksham his meal. Dimpy informs him that Nityam has taken care of all the work, and Raksham notices onion in his poha. He expresses his dislike for onion in the dish, to which Dimpy responds that Vedika made it.

On the contrary, Nityam deceives Saavi by falsely claiming that her earrings and his car key are in his vehicle, which he accidentally locked. Saavi explains that she cannot give him a ride because she needs to go to the radio station as a guest. Nityam suggests that she wait for him as a backup plan in an auto-rickshaw. He halts an auto and discreetly instructs the driver to leave without Saavi’s knowledge. Assuring her that no one will hinder their progress, he convinces her to stop another auto for him. As she stops the auto, Nityam signals the driver to depart by standing behind Saavi. Reluctantly, she agrees to drop Nityam after her radio show. They both enter the auto and depart from the location.

Ananya inquires about Manav’s presence on the terrace. Manav reveals that he is attempting to listen to a radio show. Ananya informs him that Saavi is currently a guest on that very radio program.

Upon arriving at the radio station, Nityam assures Saavi that he will wait until her show is finished and mentions that he has several calls to make. Saavi proceeds inside the radio station. After some time, the radio show commences, and the host introduces Saavi to the audience. Manav and Nityam tune in to listen.

The radio jockey commends Saavi and announces that she will now play Saavi’s favorite song. In the meantime, Manav contacts the radio jockey, introducing himself as M. He informs her that he has spoken to the mother of his beloved and received a positive response. Subsequently, Nityam contacts the radio jockey, introducing himself as D. He suggests that M should speak directly to the girl instead of her mother, expressing his intention to confess his feelings to his beloved.

[Episode End]

Precap : Nityam and Saavi find themselves completely soaked as the rain pours down on them.

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