Saavi Ki Savaari

Saavi Ki Savaari 23 June 2023 Written Story Update

Saavi Ki Savaari 23 June 2023 Written Story Update On

The Episode Starts With a salesman informing Saavi that Nityam has purchased a ring for someone special. Curious, Saavi asks Nityam if he bought a ring. In response, Nityam fibs, claiming that he bought the ring for Vedika. The salesman interjects, stating that he would have shown different ring designs if Nityam had mentioned it was for Vedika. Nityam questions if Vedika cannot wear a fancy ring, to which the salesman apologizes. Feeling unsettled, Nityam informs Sonam that he will wait outside, while Sonam requests Manav to display the rings. Examining the designs, Sonam comments on their simplicity. Manav reveals that Saavi has always preferred simple things since childhood. Overhearing this conversation, Nityam leaves the place.

Sonam follows Nityam outside and apologizes to him, explaining that Saavi has easily moved on in her life. Nityam argues that Saavi did not appear happy and seemed compelled to make this decision. He shares how he saw hope in Saavi’s eyes when she inquired about the ring, and he believes that Saavi wanted to hear her name from him. Therefore, he decides to confess his feelings to Saavi. Disagreeing with Nityam’s perception, Sonam urges him not to confuse Saavi and expresses her concern that Nityam’s love might disrupt their plan. She resolves to discuss the matter with Nutan.

Meanwhile, Manav presents engagement rings to Ratna, and Raksham contacts Saavi, questioning why she is marrying Manav if she doesn’t love him. Saavi acknowledges his observation but states that she sees no reason to wait for Nityam. She admits that she can no longer tolerate insults. Raksham suggests that she should have discussed her decision with him beforehand. Saavi clarifies that she has come to understand that Nityam won’t develop feelings for her. Nutan and Sonam overhear this conversation, prompting Sonam to approach Nutan with a determination to bring happiness to Saavi’s life.

Saavi expressed to the mehndi lady that they didn’t contact her for the service. Nutan countered by affirming that she personally called the mehndi lady. Manav chimed in, expressing his desire to have mehndi applied as well, and requested the mehndi lady to showcase some designs. Sonam inquired about Saavi’s well-being, to which Saavi advised her to be happy for Manav’s sake at least. Saavi then asked the mehndi lady to finalize a bride design for her. After a while, Sonam noticed that the letter “M” was missing in Saavi’s mehndi. Saavi confided in Manav, expressing her unease with the rapid pace of events. Sonam reminded Saavi that it was a ritual, while Manav urged the Goyal family not to pressure Saavi into anything and reassured her that she didn’t have to include the letter “M” in her mehndi if she didn’t want to.

In another scenario, Vedika requested Nityam to return the ring. Nityam insisted that she should keep it and reassured her that it would suit her despite her age. Nutan entered the scene and conveyed her anger toward Nityam, blaming him for ruining Saavi’s life. She vowed to ensure Saavi’s happiness and apologized to Vedika, clarifying that she didn’t intend to disrespect her, before leaving the area.

[Episode End]

Precap : Saavi expresses to Nutan her enduring hope for a miracle. In their intoxicated state, Raksham urges Nityam to confess his feelings to Saavi. Together, they arrive at the Dalmia house.

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