Saavi Ki Savaari

Saavi Ki Savaari 25 June 2023 Written Story Update

Saavi Ki Savaari 25 June 2023 Written Story Update On

The Episode Starts With Saavi feeling upset upon finding no one outside her house. Sonam expresses her relief at receiving a call from Raksham. The following day, Vedika notices Nityam lounging on the sofa and decides to playfully pour water on him. She questions if he has also begun drinking like Raksham. Nityam admits to having consumed a lot of alcohol the previous day. Vedika then instructs him to get ready as they have to go to court and reminds him about attending a function as well. Nityam wonders aloud why anyone would attend their ex’s engagement, to which Vedika reminds him that he had previously stated he had no issue with Saavi and Manav’s marriage, before going inside. Raksham approaches Nityam and inquires if they met the previous night. Nityam confesses to not remembering anything, and Raksham admits the same before heading inside.

Nutan informs Saavi that she will finally be relieved of her burden today. Subsequently, Saavi and Nutan arrive at the court. Saavi expresses her gratitude to Nityam, acknowledging that she has gained another family through him, and they will always be her family. She proceeds inside, with Nityam following her. Vedika tells Nutan that she still believes in the possibility of a miraculous intervention by God.

Inside the courtroom, the Judge inquires of Saavi and Nityam whether they truly desire a divorce. Saavi questions Nityam about his visit to her house the previous night. Observing the mehndi on Saavi’s hand, Nityam deceives her, claiming that he did not come. The Judge requests their signatures on the document. Without hesitation, Saavi asserts her decision and signs it. Nityam follows suit and signs as well. The Judge declares Saavi and Nityam officially divorced, informing them that they will receive the final papers from the court soon. Nityam congratulates Saavi and expresses his approval of her potential marriage to Manav, remarking on the beauty of her mehndi design. Saavi enlightens him, explaining that the darkness of the mehndi signifies the depth of love the groom holds for the bride. Nityam assures her that he knows Manav loves her dearly.

Manav addresses Saavi as Saavi Goyal, signifying her new identity. Nutan urges Manav to take Saavi home and departs from the scene. Oblivious to Chatriprasad’s presence, Saavi walks ahead, but Manav intervenes and halts her. She inquires about her Chatriprasad, to which he promises to retrieve it and leaves momentarily. Nityam extends his wishes for Saavi’s engagement and exits. Concerned, Manav questions Saavi about her distress. Tearfully, she confides in him, revealing her intention to burn her dress as she cannot embark on a new relationship while burdened by it. Manav empathizes and supports her decision.

Meanwhile, Nityam listens to a radio show and contacts the radio jockey, requesting a song. Emotions overwhelm him as he drives, and at the same time, Saavi finds herself in tears as well.

[Episode End]

Precap : Vedika informs Nutan that she has arrived to offer her congratulations because Saavi is her daughter. As the engagement ceremony between Saavi and Manav commences, the priest requests them to exchange the rings.

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