Saavi Ki Savaari

Saavi Ki Savaari 28 May 2023 Written Story Update

Saavi Ki Savaari 28 May 2023 Written Story Update On

The episode commences with Raksham expressing his frustration, stating that nobody cares about his opinion, and he storms off indoors. Vedika confides in Saavi, revealing that Raksham is, in fact, Dalmia and possesses legal rights over the house and Dalmia Industries. She intends to speak with Nityam about this matter. Saavi assures Vedika that Nityam will surely take appropriate action. Vedika acknowledges Saavi’s stance and assures her that she won’t hinder her efforts, as it is the right thing to do. Saavi seeks Vedika’s blessings and departs from the location. Observing Saavi’s departure, Dimpy assumes that she has taken the papers along with her. However, Dimpy remains confident that she will eventually obtain those papers and anticipates a joyous occasion ahead.

Nityam brought a loudspeaker into the room and immersed himself in the music, reminiscing about the cherished moments he had shared with Saavi. However, the booming sound disrupted the tranquility of the entire household, causing annoyance to everyone. Meanwhile, Saavi, understanding that Nityam’s actions were driven by something deeper, believed that this time it wasn’t his fault and that she had somehow compelled him to behave in such a manner. She was aware that he must be experiencing more pain than herself.

In the midst of this commotion, Vedika entered Nityam’s room, acknowledging that she hadn’t realized how hearing loud music could bring tears. Nityam confessed that he was equally unaware of this fact. Sensing an opportunity to discuss Raksham, Vedika expressed her belief that Nityam was struggling to embrace Raksham as his own brother. Nityam, however, reassured her that it wasn’t the case. In response, Vedika urged him to take action that would make Raksham feel accepted as a true Dalmia, and then she departed from the room.

Sonam informs Ratna that Nityam had deeply insulted Saavi, causing her great distress. She expresses her wish to have celebrated with Ratna if she had been present at that time. Ratna emphasizes that everyone, including Girdhar, must be concerned about Saavi’s well-being. Sonam notices Girdhar in tears, prompting Ratna to advise her to win over everyone’s hearts rather than finding joy in Saavi’s departure from the house. Sonam offers Girdhar a glass of juice and assures him that she will prepare breakfast for him the next day.

Meanwhile, Nityam approaches Kiran and requests assistance in arranging a meeting with the board of directors. As he listens to the radio, he becomes aware of Saavi’s presence and assumes it to be a hallucination. Desperate, he calls a radio jockey and shares his experience of seeing Saavi everywhere. In an attempt to escape his distress, Nityam switches off the radio and asserts that hatred is a stronger emotion than love.

Saavi inquires Manav about his current activity, to which he urges her to leave, fearing that others might perceive him as insane if they witness him conversing alone. Saavi reproaches him and departs indoors. It dawns on Manav that Saavi has returned, filling him with joy as he proceeds inside. In an exuberant mood, he plays music and dances alongside everyone. However, when it’s time to eat, everyone except Manav leaves to have their meal.

Sonam approaches the Dalmia family, announcing that she has prepared breakfast for them. Ignoring his allergy, Nityam consumes an egg, resulting in Raksham reprimanding his brother. Raksham enlightens Sonam about each family member’s allergies. Nityam then sends Raksham off to the office. Nityam informs the Dalmias that they have earned a profit thanks to Raksham’s idea. Consequently, he appoints Raksham as a board director, planning to officially announce it on Raksham’s upcoming birthday in two days. Sonam expresses her delight upon hearing the news, while Dimpy becomes apprehensive.

[Episode End]

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