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Saavi Ki Savaari 12 June 2023 Written Story Update

Saavi Ki Savaari 12 June 2023 Written Story Update On

The Episode Starts with Saavi discussing a guy proposing to a girl with Vrushka. Curious, Vrushka asks Saavi about her ideal proposal. Saavi reveals her preference for a romantic rain-soaked proposal, where two individuals convey their emotions through eye contact rather than words. Unbeknownst to them, Nityam and Manav overhear their conversation. Saavi adds that she also enjoys having tea in a dabba on the highway. Suddenly, Nityam’s phone captures his attention. Excitedly, he approaches Saavi. Caught off guard, Saavi inadvertently exclaims Nityam’s name, forgetting that they are on a live show. Manav, who hears Saavi, wonders about Nityam’s involvement with her and becomes curious. Saavi promptly leaves the station.

Later, Saavi confronts Nityam, explaining that her accidental utterance of his name during the live show has created a stir. Surprisingly, Nityam apologizes, which astonishes Saavi, as he rarely does so. Nityam informs her that the weather forecast predicts rain for the day. He reveals that he overheard Saavi’s radio show and found her tips valuable. Saavi is taken aback by the fact that Nityam listened to her show. Nityam admits that someone else was listening, and he accidentally stumbled upon it. He expresses gratitude for Saavi’s helpful advice. Intrigued, Saavi begins to wonder if Nityam plans to use her tips to propose to someone, which ignites a hint of jealousy within her.

Saavi’s anger flares up, and she makes a move to leave. However, Nityam intervenes, stopping her in her tracks, and requests a ride to the highway. Saavi, still upset, mentions that Nityam doesn’t appreciate her Chatriprasad. Nityam denies this accusation and explains that he wants to test out the tips Saavi gave on the show. Saavi clarifies that it’s not her show; she was merely a guest. Nevertheless, Nityam persists, insisting on booking her Chatriprasad for the entire day. Saavi remains reluctant, refusing his request. Nityam argues that Saavi is behaving unprofessionally. Eventually, Saavi reluctantly agrees.

With a desire to repay Nityam, Saavi contemplates if she has enough money. Nityam refuses, claiming he doesn’t want it back. However, Saavi reminds him of a past incident. She retrieves five hundred from his coat and returns the remainder. Nityam contemplates that he would get angry if he didn’t love Saavi, leaving Saavi wondering whom Nityam is trying to impress.

Meanwhile, Manav tries to contact Saavi, feeling pleased when she doesn’t answer the call. Sonam contacts Manav and inquires if he has discussed marrying Saavi with Nutan. Manav confirms that Nutan has agreed, bringing joy to Sonam. Manav expresses his concern about Saavi, stating that she is still unsure. He reveals that Nityam has arrived at the FM station where Saavi appeared as a guest. Sonam becomes worried and manipulates Manav into discussing their marriage with his family before Nityam has a chance to change his mind about divorcing Saavi. Manav is surprised by Sonam’s deep concern for Saavi, and Sonam pretends that her care for Saavi stems from sisterly love. After ending the call, Manav contacts his father to discuss his marriage to Saavi.

As Saavi and Nityam travel together, Saavi acts coldly towards Nityam, suspecting his interest in another woman. Nityam notices her behavior and questions her about it. Saavi denies any such notion, reminding him that they will be divorced in six days. As the weather worsens, Saavi suggests dropping Nityam at his house, but he insists on being taken to the highway. Saavi finds this strange since Nityam dislikes rain.

Ignoring the warnings from Nutan and Saavi’s uncle about the inclement weather, Manav decides to search for Saavi. Nutan and Saavi’s aunt are pleased to see Manav’s concern for Saavi and discuss it among themselves. Meanwhile, Saavi and Nityam find themselves stuck in traffic due to the heavy rain. Saavi unties her wet hair, catching Shivam’s attention. He reminisces about a similar incident from their past. Just as Saavi is about to sneeze, Nityam offers her a paper kerchief, surprising her with his thoughtfulness.

[Episode End]

Precap : Nityam and Saavi find themselves drenched in the pouring rain. An elderly couple approaches them, urging Nityam and Saavi to embrace life to the fullest. Nityam quiets Saavi with a gentle touch of his fingers on her lips. Then, he gracefully lowers himself onto one knee, ready to propose to her.

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