Saavi Ki Savaari

Saavi Ki Savaari 21 June 2023 Written Story Update

Saavi Ki Savaari 21 June 2023 Written Story Update On

The Episode Starts with Manav expressing his desire to marry Saavi. Saavi reminisces about Nutan’s words, mentioning that Manav is prepared for marriage. She also recalls Manav’s confession of loving someone. Thinking he is joking, she urges him to stop his playful act. However, he assures her that it is not a joke and that he has never loved anyone but her. He reveals that his love for Saavi has been present since the beginning, and he returned to the city and stayed at her house solely for her. This reminds her of Nityam’s skepticism regarding their friendship, leading her to acknowledge that Nityam was right and she owes him an apology.

Manav professes his love for Saavi and emphasizes that he has always respected her boundaries. He explains that he proposed because Nityam questioned Saavi’s character, and he wanted to prove that Nityam was mistaken. Saavi, aware of her love for Nityam, questions how Manav presumed she would marry him. In response, he suggests they maintain their friendship while he becomes the one who loves her deeply. He promises to provide everything she deserves and assures her that he will keep her happy.

Nutan informs Sonam that Saavi has not yet agreed to the marriage, and if Nityam were to confront Saavi, it would be difficult for her to move on. Sonam deceives Nutan by claiming that she spoke to Raksham about Saavi and Manav, but Nityam overheard their conversation. Vedika and Nityam arrive at the scene, claiming to congratulate them.

Manav advises Saavi to take her time. Saavi expresses her suffocation, to which he responds by assuring her that she does not need to marry him. He wants to make her happy without forcing her into anything. Saavi states her desire to return home, prompting Manav to offer his company, which she agrees to.

Vedika inquires about Saavi from Nutan, who responds by stating that Saavi went out with Manav. Nutan adds that nothing has been finalized yet. Sonam suggests they wait until the divorce is settled. Saavi and Manav arrive, and Nityam warmly welcomes them. Nityam remarks that they appear happy together and presents Saavi with a flower bouquet, noting that she looks even happier. He describes them as a perfect couple made for each other, praising Nutan’s excellent decision. Ratna comments to Brijesh that Nityam seems as jubilant as if he were the one getting married.

Nityam captures a photograph of Saavi and Manav and asks Saavi if he will receive an invitation to the wedding. Saavi explains that they will have an engagement first before the marriage, but assures Nityam that he will certainly be invited. She acknowledges that she has realized she won’t find a better life partner than Manav. Nityam expresses his happiness for her and promises to attend all the wedding festivities before leaving, overcome with emotion.

Vedika confides in Saavi, acknowledging that she knows Saavi has now agreed to the marriage. She believes that Manav will make Saavi happy, and it was the right decision. Vedika presents Saavi with her favorite bangles as a gift. She mentions that Nityam has lost something precious and departs, noticing his tears.

[Episode End]

Precap : Saavi and Manav arrive at the jewelry store to purchase an engagement ring. Suddenly, Sonam and Nityam appear, coincidentally. The salesman directs his question to Nityam, inquiring whether his significant other approves of the ring he has brought. Saavi is taken aback upon hearing this.

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