Saavi Ki Savaari

Saavi Ki Savaari 15 June 2023 Written Story Update

Saavi Ki Savaari 15 June 2023 Written Story Update On

The Episode Starts with Dimpy expressing to Raksham that she alone comprehends him, as her own life mirrors his. She acknowledges that Raksham is not seeking sympathy, yet the Dalmias are sympathizing with him. Dimpy understands Raksham’s desire to establish a genuine connection with the Dalmias, but she believes he won’t be able to achieve that.

Meanwhile, Nityam recollects Vedika’s advice to give Raksham some time. He reflects on Saavi teaching him about unconditional love and firmly believes that Raksham will overcome his current predicament once he comprehends the depth of Nityam’s unconditional love for him.

Simultaneously, Saavi reminisces about the words of the elderly couple. She contemplates the imminent loss of Nityam within a week, sensing that her life is slipping away. It appears as though Nityam wanted to communicate something to her, and Saavi regrets that he didn’t attempt once more, recognizing the limited time they have left.

Nityam contemplated the importance of reassuring Saavi about their relationship, but his past mistakes resurfaced, threatening to overshadow their present. However, he was determined not to let his past missteps affect their current situation. In an effort to mend things, he decided to send Saavi a message, requesting a meeting. To his relief, Saavi agreed to meet him. Meanwhile, Manav had a meeting with his father and expressed his gratitude for his presence.

Unsatisfied with the jewelry options presented to him, Nityam asked the jeweler to show him something different. He believed that these conventional pieces lacked the emotional connection necessary to impress Saavi. Suddenly, an idea sparked in his mind. He apologized to the jeweler for wasting his time, as he now knew exactly what he needed. Fixing his gaze on Saavi’s nuptial chain, Nityam was convinced that this sentimental piece would undoubtedly bring her joy.

Nutan sought her family’s input on what to cook for the day. Manav suggested preparing an abundance of dishes, prompting Brijesh to question if they were expecting guests. Manav then disclosed that his father was coming to meet Saavi. Nutan expressed concern, pointing out that everything was happening too quickly, considering Saavi’s divorce had not yet been finalized, and they hadn’t even discussed the matter with Saavi. Manav inquired if Nutan believed Saavi would reject his father. In response, Nutan reassured him that Saavi wouldn’t turn him away. Just as they conversed, Saavi entered the room, expressing her desire for curd to use as a face pack. Manav offered to prepare the face pack for her, and she went inside. Ratna suggested that Saavi seemed aware of Ravi’s impending visit, but Manav clarified that he hadn’t informed her.

Sonam urged Raksham to wake up, as the Dalmias vowed not to eat until he did. Overwhelmed by their shouts, Raksham descended the stairs and began eating. Nityam assigned Raksham the responsibility of handling a project, but Raksham expressed concerns about Nityam interfering and declined the task. Sonam disagreed, believing that Raksham couldn’t handle the project alone and should seek Nityam’s assistance. Dimpy intervened, asserting that Raksham was more than capable of managing the project on his own. Sonam advised her not to interfere, and Himesh remarked on Sonam’s increased chattiness. Dimpy admitted her mistake and retreated inside.

In the midst of the commotion, Nityam placed a call to Kiran, instructing him to arrange flowers and fireflies to be sent to the Priya farmhouse. Sonam overheard the conversation and deduced that Nityam intended to propose to Saavi.

[Episode End]

Precap : Sonam informs Manav about Nityam’s intention to propose to Saavi. She then requests Saavi to prepare tea for Ravi. Meanwhile, Nityam patiently waits for Saavi.

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