Saavi Ki Savaari

Saavi Ki Savaari 24 June 2023 Written Story Update

Saavi Ki Savaari 24 June 2023 Written Story Update On

The Episode Starts With Manav ensuring that Saavi finishes her meal. Curious about Nutan’s whereabouts, Saavi inquires about her. Nutan explains that she had gone out for engagement preparations.

Meanwhile, Nityam reflects on Nutan’s words and finds himself at a bar. Raksham is taken aback to see Nityam there and expresses his reluctance to accompany him. Nityam clarifies that he didn’t come to take Raksham along. Realizing Nityam’s presence is related to Saavi’s engagement to Manav, Raksham observes Nityam drowning his sorrows in alcohol. Nityam confides in Raksham, acknowledging Saavi as a perfect girl whom he lost. He laments Raksham’s failure to intervene and guide him onto the right path. Raksham, burdened by his own troubles, explains that he can’t possibly lead Nityam as he doesn’t perceive love in Sonam’s eyes for himself. Nityam, revealing his identity as the businessman Nityam Dalmia, admits that Saavi doesn’t love him but instead loves Manav, who is a teacher.

Raksham suggests they take a selfie together, capturing the moment. After the photo, Raksham questions Nityam about confessing his feelings to Saavi. Nityam discloses his unsuccessful attempts to propose to Saavi and narrates the story of his unfulfilled confession. Raksham advises him that he should have mustered the courage to propose to Saavi. Nityam, however, points out that tomorrow marks the day of his and Saavi’s divorce, making it seemingly impossible to propose to her. Raksham reminds Nityam that today he is no longer Saavi’s ex-husband, implying that Nityam still has a chance to propose to her. Motivated by Raksham’s words, they depart from the bar together.

On the contrary, Sonam reveals that Saavi is going to marry Manav, but she doesn’t seem particularly thrilled about the wedding either. Suddenly, Raksham contacts Sonam and cryptically states that she will fall for him again once she discovers his plans. Curious, Sonam inquires about his intentions. He discloses his plan to reunite Saavi and Nityam, mentioning that they are currently near the Goyal house. He intends for Nityam to express his love for Saavi by saying “I love you.” Sonam realizes that she must intervene to prevent Raksham from potentially ruining everything.

Nutan asks Saavi if she is still awake, to which Saavi responds affirmatively. Saavi expresses her hope for a magical moment when Nityam will come and confess his love for her. Despite everything, she holds onto the belief that Nityam will apologize and reveal his true feelings.

Raksham and Nityam arrive at the Goyal house, but Saavi steps outside to find no one there. Sonam recalls how she orchestrated the situation by ensuring that the security guards led Raksham and Nityam away from Hanuman Gali.

[Episode End]

Precap : Vedika expresses to Nutan that she maintains her belief in the possibility of magic unfolding. Saavi inquires of Nityam whether he visited her residence the previous night. Nityam denies having done so. They proceed to sign the documents, finalizing their divorce.

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