Saavi Ki Savaari

Saavi Ki Savaari 10 June 2023 Written Story Update

Saavi Ki Savaari 10 June 2023 Written Story Update On

The Episode Starts with Sonam expressing her belief to the Goyal family that Saavi will never find a better life partner than Manav. She questions Nutan about her silence and lack of decision-making regarding Saavi’s happiness. Initially, Nutan thought that Sonam didn’t care about Saavi, but she realizes now that she was mistaken. Sonam assures Nutan that she genuinely cares about Saavi and firmly believes that Manav is a gem of a person. She also asserts that Nityam has only used Saavi until now, and they should not focus on him. Sonam highlights the immense suffering Saavi has endured because of Nityam.

In response, Nutan reminds Sonam that Nityam is still Saavi’s husband. Sonam counters by mentioning that the divorce is scheduled to take place in just 10 days and wonders about Saavi’s fate after that. Nutan acknowledges that Manav is evidently concerned about Saavi’s happiness. Sonam urges Nutan to have a conversation with Manav and finalize the marriage. However, Nutan advises patience and cautions against rushing into things. Unwilling to remain calm until Nutan speaks with Manav, Sonam insists that Nutan take the initiative. Reluctantly, Nutan agrees to talk to Manav.

On the contrary, Nityam is rummaging through Saavi’s house, searching for any belongings she may have left behind. Girdhar approaches him and inquires about his search. Nityam explains that he is looking for Saavi’s things. Girdhar informs him that Saavi had taken all of her belongings with her.

Meanwhile, Saavi is frantically searching for her earrings. Ananya informs her that she is running late as a guest for a radio station appearance. Ananya reassures Saavi that at the radio station, she won’t be visible to anyone. Saavi agrees, realizing the truth in Ananya’s statement. Saavi discovers that Sonam had arrived in the morning. Nutan urges her to eat before leaving.

Nityam calls Saavi but abruptly ends the call. Consequently, Saavi decides to call him back. Nityam reveals that he has her earrings and advises her to meet him to retrieve them. Saavi expresses her relief, explaining that she had been searching for those earrings. Nityam scolds her for being careless and warns her that she should collect them promptly to avoid potential accusations of theft. Saavi agrees to go to the Dalmia house, but Nityam suggests meeting elsewhere.

Saavi informs Manav about Nityam’s intention to return her earrings, prompting her decision to meet him. She leaves, leaving Manav pondering the escalating drama surrounding Nityam and wondering about his intentions.

Nityam berates himself, acknowledging his lack of communication skills when it comes to expressing his love for Saavi. He considers returning the earrings merely an excuse and decides to confess his feelings to her.

Nutan notices Manav’s anger and he confides in her about Nityam’s confusion. Manav asserts that no one could possibly love Saavi more than himself.

[Episode End]

Precap : Manav and Nityam engage in a conversation with the radio jockey.

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