Saavi Ki Savaari

Saavi Ki Savaari 19 June 2023 Written Story Update

Saavi Ki Savaari 19 June 2023 Written Story Update On

The episode opens with Saavi confiding in Manav about the accusations made by Nityam. She expresses her attempt to distance herself from Nityam’s life once she realized her love for him. Saavi questions why Nityam misunderstood their friendship and failed to see her true feelings. In response, Manav explains that Nityam never truly understood Saavi or her love for him. To Nityam, she was simply an auto driver, and he never invested himself in their marriage. Manav believes that Saavi deserves better and encourages her to pursue a dignified life. Saavi contemplates Manav’s words and eventually decides to leave.

Sonam calls Nutan to inform her that Nityam shattered Saavi’s last shred of hope, freeing her from any guilt and allowing her to move forward with her life. Nutan expresses her concern for Saavi, but Manav reassures her that Saavi is doing well. Nutan commends Manav’s support to Sonam.

Meanwhile, Manav searches for Saavi within the house and realizes that Chatriprasad is also missing. He informs the Goyal family about their absence and sets out to find Saavi.

At the Dalmia house, Saavi confronts Nityam, questioning his audacity to question her character. She asserts that he is undeserving of her love and declares her finality with him. Saavi expresses regret for ever meeting him and loving him, suggesting that Nityam would be better off marrying a building rather than having someone’s affection. Filled with anger, she throws stones into Nityam’s room, but he remains oblivious to her words. Just then, Manav arrives and asks Saavi if she has lost her mind. Nityam catches a glimpse of Saavi from the balcony, while she passionately proclaims her hatred towards him. Manav intervenes and escorts Saavi away from the scene.

Nutan inquires about Saavi’s well-being from Manav, expressing concern. Manav reassures her that Saavi is now fine but emphasizes the need for her mother’s presence. Curious, Nutan inquires about the reason behind Saavi’s condition. Manav admits that he believes he might be responsible for Saavi’s behavior. Nutan advises him not to blame himself, offering support.

Manav shares with Nutan that Saavi has been murmuring in her sleep. This triggers Nityam’s memories of Manav proposing to Saavi and her accepting, as well as Saavi expressing her dislike towards him.

Saavi, in her sleep, murmurs about not being involved with two people simultaneously. Nutan urges her to stop and encourages her to sleep, providing comfort through a warm embrace. Eventually, Saavi falls asleep, while Nutan remains awake throughout the night, concerned.

The following day, Nutan wakes Saavi up and offers her tea. Nutan admits that she cannot bear to witness Saavi’s despair and helplessness. She reminds Saavi of her wonderful nature and emphasizes that she shouldn’t lose it for the sake of a man.

Confused, Saavi asks Nutan what happened. Nutan reveals her disappointment in Saavi’s dramatic actions at the Dalmia house. She declares her intention to guide Saavi from now on. Saavi questions Nutan’s anger, to which Nutan suggests that she should consider marrying again. Saavi finds this amusing, leading Nutan to reveal that she has chosen Manav as a potential match for Saavi.

[Episode End]

Precap : Manav proposes to Saavi, asking her to marry him.

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