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Saavi Ki Savaari 06 June 2023 Written Story Update

Saavi Ki Savaari 06 June 2023 Written Story Update On

The episode Starts with Raksham making a firm decision to leave the house. However, his mood brightens when he spots Sonam’s presence. Overwhelmed with joy, he declares that she is his family and insists on living together with her in the house. Sonam is taken aback by his statement and expresses her surprise. She questions whether he expects her to reside with him in Shivam’s house, reminding him of her previous love for Shivam. As Raksham absorbs her words, he is startled by the sudden appearance of the Dalmias.

To Raksham’s astonishment, Saavi assures him that she won’t compel him to return to the Dalmia house. Feeling overwhelmed, he requests everyone to leave the premises. Saavi approaches Nityam and hints that he has something important to say. Nityam takes this opportunity to inform Raksham that he has paid rent for all the rooms in the slum area, making it nearly impossible for Raksham to find an alternative place to stay. Raksham retaliates, challenging them to witness how he manages to stay there despite the circumstances. In response, Vedika and Nityam swiftly silence Raksham by tying a handkerchief around his mouth. Thasvi then begins playing a song, marking the start of their efforts to clean the house.

Vedika proceeded to untie Raksham, who then sternly advised them to leave, emphasizing that this was his life. Curious, Vedika turned to Saavi and inquired about their meal plans. Raksham interjected, stating that they couldn’t cook since there were no utensils in the house. However, Manav arrived with utensils and a gas stove, explaining that Nutan had sent them. Saavi praised Manav, much to Nityam’s dismay, who became jealous witnessing the admiration.

Ratna questioned Nutan about her decision to send Manav to the slum area. Nutan explained that Manav would take care of Saavi in that environment. Ratna challenged her, questioning why Saavi was involved in the slum area when it was the Dalmia family’s problem. Nutan expressed her hope that Saavi would soon move on with her life.

Sonam asked Saavi when they would return to the Dalmia house. Saavi replied that they would go back once Raksham was convinced. Sonam criticized the plan, deeming it foolish. However, Saavi reassured her, affirming that the plan would succeed. Thasvi intervened and led Saavi away from Sonam.

Manav and Nityam engaged in a heated argument. Manav scolded Nityam for using up all the water to wash the rice. Saavi chuckled upon hearing their exchange. Raksham taunted them and urged them to leave. Vedika fed Raksham a bite of food to taste. Devraj informed them that there was no water in the house. Saavi volunteered to fetch water, and Manav offered to accompany her. However, Nityam instructed Manav to manage the kitchen instead. Thus, Manav left with Saavi to fetch water.

In the slum area, the residents instructed Nityam to wait in line for water. Nityam was taken aback by the sight of the queue. Saavi suggested he send Manav if he had any issues. Nityam pointed out that she hadn’t noticed how he easily adjusted to the situation, highlighting his capability. He assisted Saavi in collecting water, surprising her with his actions. Curious, he asked if Raksham would eventually be convinced. Saavi reassured him, explaining that it was only the first day, and Raksham would soon be convinced when he witnessed their love. Nityam realized that Saavi firmly stood up for his family, despite their impending separation, and he had made this choice.

[Episode End]

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