Saavi Ki Savaari

Saavi Ki Savaari 27 May 2023 Written Story Update

Saavi Ki Savaari 27 May 2023 Written Story Update On

The episode commences with Vedika inquiring of Nityam whether he witnessed anyone opening Saavi’s cupboard. Nityam shakes his head in response. Vedika ponders over the absence of a certain individual. Just then, Himesh and Dimpy arrive at the scene. Dimpy explains that she wasn’t present as she is prohibited from entering that area. Himesh reassures Vedika that Dimpy shouldn’t be held accountable as she was with him. Vedika expresses concern about the potential impact on the child and advises Himesh to escort Dimpy back to the basti. Raksham intervenes, assuring Vedika that nobody is blaming Dimpy. Furthermore, he suggests that the cupboard handle might have broken on its own, thus proposing an end to the discussion on the matter.

Saavi realizes the need for increased caution and decides to visit Vedika’s room. Vedika expresses her fear, prompting Saavi to assure her that she has checked the cupboard and the papers within it are secure. However, Vedika insists that those papers are no ordinary documents and suggests they should be burned. Saavi counters with an alternative plan to keep the secret concealed. Vedika, disinterested in knowing the details, urges Saavi to execute the plan and departs.

To ensure the safety of certain belongings, Saavi contacts Manav and instructs him to hold onto them securely. Unbeknownst to Saavi, Nityam overhears their conversation and questions her about her whereabouts. Saavi fabricates a story, claiming she is heading to the Goyal house, and promptly leaves.

At the restaurant, Manav patiently awaits Saavi’s arrival. When she finally joins him, she confesses her guilt over deceiving Nityam. Handing him the adoption papers, she requests that he keep them safe. Unexpectedly, Nityam enters the restaurant and observes them sharing laughter.

Saavi makes her way back to Dalmia house, where Nityam eagerly inquires if she had met Nutan. She simply nods in response, prompting Nityam to dial Nutan’s number and put the call on speaker. Through this act, he aims to prove that Saavi had not actually visited Nutan. After establishing his point, Nityam abruptly ends the call and expresses his disdain for liars. He then discloses that he witnessed Saavi handing an envelope to Manav, demanding to know its contents. He questions why she would engage in such behavior, considering that she is entitled to 50% of the property in their impending divorce.

Saavi confesses that she concealed the truth from him because she believed he wouldn’t be able to handle it. She asserts that she cannot disclose the contents of the envelope. Nityam informs her that Kumud has left the house and Vedika is now fine, implying that Saavi no longer has a valid reason to stay. He advises her not to fabricate excuses to prolong her stay and boldly declares his hatred for Saavi. These words shatter her, leaving her devastated as she proceeds to pack her belongings and descends the stairs.

Observing the heart-wrenching situation, Sonam consoles Saavi, sharing her hope that one day Nityam will come to understand her. Meanwhile, Raksham urges Vedika to help Nityam see reason, but Vedika explains that they cannot force him to change his perspective. Determined to have a conversation with Nityam, Raksham is stopped by Saavi, who intervenes and pleads with him. Angered by the interference, Raksham storms inside, with Sonam following closely behind.

[Episode End]

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