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Saavi Ki Savaari 05 June 2023 Episode Written Update

Saavi Ki Savaari 05 June 2023 Episode Written Update On

The episode commences with the Dalmias frantically searching for Raksham. Dimpy takes delight in witnessing this, convinced that she will finally attain everything she desires. Just then, the Goyal family arrives at the scene. Vedika breaks down in tears, seeking solace in Saavi’s embrace. She expresses her confusion and frustration, unable to comprehend the situation. Saavi offers comfort and reassurance to Vedika. Sonam, in a taunting manner, sarcastically suggests that Saavi should use her magic powers to locate Raksham. She criticizes Raksham, labeling him as irresponsible and self-centered, questioning who would react in such a way.

Saavi explains to her sister that Raksham has discovered a profound truth about his life, so it’s only natural for him to react in this manner. Nutan urges Ratna to escort Sonam to her room, and Ratna complies, leading Sonam away. Vedika tells Saavi that she should have destroyed the adoption papers. Saavi responds by advising Vedika that dwelling on the past serves no purpose. At that moment, Saavi realizes that Nityam is absent and inquires about Vedika’s whereabouts from him.

Nityam reprimands the security guards, but Saavi arrives and dismisses them. She apologizes for interfering in his matter once again and he embraces her. Initially hesitant, she eventually reciprocates the hug. He comments on her tendency to shoulder others’ burdens and asks her to take his burden for today.

He states that she brought Raksham into his life against his wishes, and now she must do the same again. Saavi questions whether he is ordering her or seeking her help. She insists that he make a request instead. He kneels down and implores her, expressing his need for her assistance. Reluctantly, she promises to find Raksham at any cost, while expressing her dislike of seeing him in such a vulnerable state.

Meanwhile, Sonam informs Ratna that nobody has had breakfast. She expresses her frustration, claiming she would have confronted Raksham if he were present. She notices Dimpy and assigns blame to her for everything. Ratna consumes the juice Dimpy brought and dismisses her from the scene.

Saavi and Manav search for Raksham in the basti, with Saavi mentioning that Raksham used to live there with Krishna. Raksham urges Saavi to leave the area. Saavi observes a dilapidated house and informs Manav about it. She tells him that the Dalmias, particularly Sonam, care deeply for Raksham.

Meanwhile, Sonam confesses to Ratna that she wouldn’t have married Raksham if he weren’t a Dalmia. She reveals that he has run away from home once again. She hopes that Raksham is still alive so she can maintain her status as Sonam Dalmia. She firmly declares that she will not return to the Goyal house under any circumstances.

Raksham confides in Saavi, regretting his decision to become Shivam. He acknowledges that he took Satyam away from his family and questions why he is still alive. He becomes fearful of facing the Dalmias. Saavi reassures him that the Dalmias are waiting for him. However, he insists that she doesn’t understand him and refuses to accompany her. Nityam receives a call from Saavi, who informs him that the police are searching for Raksham.

[Episode End]

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