Saavi Ki Savaari

Saavi Ki Savaari 29 June 2023 Written Story Update

Saavi Ki Savaari 29 June 2023 Written Story Update On

The Episode Starts With Manav expressing his belief to Sonam that Nityam must have already initiated an investigation into his job. Sonam agrees with Manav’s observation and assures him that she is willing to go to any lengths to ensure Saavi’s happiness. She proposes that he provide her with the name of any US company, and she will prepare a joining letter for him.

Meanwhile, Nityam attempts to have a conversation with Raksham. He discovers that Raksham has made the decision to refrain from drinking in the future. Nityam tries to appease his brother by offering him a slice of pineapple cake, but Raksham declines the offer. Instead, Nityam begins eating the cake himself. Raksham reprimands him for indulging in sweets late at night, but Nityam clarifies that his intentions were misunderstood. He emphasizes his genuine love for his brother, asserting that his affection is not driven by charity. He further explains that he had been discussing this matter with Saavi.

Raksham confides in Nityam, expressing his doubts and loneliness despite his efforts. In response, Nityam assures him of his importance and affectionately embraces him, confessing his love. Raksham, however, insists that no one can replace Saavi. Nevertheless, Nityam persuades Raksham to enjoy the cake, and they share laughter together. Unbeknownst to them, Vedika observes their interaction.

Meanwhile, Saavi reflects on the moment Nityam removed the ring and proceeds to have breakfast. As she answers a call from Manav, she is surprised to find him standing before her. Saavi declines his offer of a smartphone as a gift, stating that she doesn’t need it. Manav reveals that it is an engagement gift, explaining that Saavi will not be living with her family, and the smartphone will help her stay connected. However, Saavi expresses her inability to comply, clarifying that she isn’t referring to marriage but rather staying in the US. She asserts her inability to live away from her family, prompting Manav to suggest they return after six months.

Vedika brings tea for Nityam and commends him for his handling of Raksham, expressing her pride in him. Nityam credits Saavi for showing him the way. Vedika reveals her happiness and then notices the gathbandhan frame of Saavi and Nityam. Curious, she asks Nityam about his intentions with the frame. Nityam explains that Saavi left behind many things, showing them to Vedika. Understanding the significance, Vedika suggests returning everything to Saavi, and Nityam agrees to accompany her.

In another scene, Manav contacts Sonam to share his concern that Saavi is refusing to go to the US, and he fears being exposed. Sonam advises him to inform Saavi after their marriage that he left his job for her happiness.

The Goyal family goes shopping for Saavi’s wedding attire, and Manav introduces decorator Rohan to Saavi. Rohan presents his designs, catching Saavi’s attention as she recognizes one from the farmhouse. Saavi learns that Nityam arranged the design for someone special, triggering memories of his messages to her. Just then, Nityam arrives at the scene.

[Episode End]

Precap : Nityam informs Saavi that he intends to present her with a passport as a gift. He then requests Manav’s joining letter from Saavi, hoping to obtain it. However, Manav declines Nityam’s request and refuses to hand over the letter.

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