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Saavi Ki Savaari 31 May 2023 Written Story Update

Saavi Ki Savaari 31 May 2023 Written Story Update On

The episode commences with Dimpy reminding herself that she used to be Sonam’s friend, which is why she feels sorry for her. She believes that Sonam will be devastated when she learns the truth about Raksham being Vedika’s adopted son. The following day, Raksham wakes up and reflects on the fact that he will finally get to celebrate his birthday with his family after several years. He imagines that everyone must be eagerly anticipating the birthday celebration.

Sonam approaches him, and he embraces her warmly, showering her with compliments. He expresses his excitement at feeling youthful. Curious about the occasion, Sonam asks him if there is anything special happening today. Raksham wonders if she is trying to convey something indirectly. Sonam feigns forgetfulness about his birthday and advises him to go downstairs for breakfast. Raksham departs from the room. Meanwhile, Sonam ponders how she could possibly forget Raksham’s birthday when she is about to receive a gift herself.

Raksham made an attempt to seek Vedika’s blessings, but Nityam intervened and inquired about the significance of the day. Vedika informed Nityam that it was Raksham’s birthday and promptly left the scene. Nityam informed Raksham that he wouldn’t be excused for the day and insisted he attend a meeting. After conveying a brief “Happy Birthday” message, Nityam departed, leaving Raksham astonished. Thasvi informed Raksham that “HBD” stood for “Happy Birthday,” to which Raksham curtly replied that he was already aware.

Seeking blessings from Devraj, Raksham received birthday wishes from him, using Nityam’s nickname for him. Raksham was taken aback by the simplicity of the breakfast spread but proceeded to eat it. Nityam, Vedika, and Thasvi observed the entire interaction.

Ananya assisted Saavi in selecting an outfit for the party and encouraged Manav to join them since Vedika had also invited him. However, Manav declined the invitation. In the meantime, Raksham arrived at the office. He called Manav and requested an enthusiastic birthday wish. Manav obliged and extended his wishes, with Raksham putting the phone on speaker so that the employees could hear it. Despite everyone listening, no one reacted to the announcement. Nevertheless, Manav decided to attend Raksham’s birthday party.

Dimpy discovers that the warden of Raksham’s orphanage has retired. Soon after, Sonam arrives and informs Dimpy about Raksham’s upcoming birthday party. However, she sternly instructs Dimpy to stay confined to her room, forbidding her from calling any of the servants. Sonam cruelly reveals that Dimpy’s name is not on the guest list and takes this opportunity to seek revenge against her, given that she is married to a board member of Dalmia Industries. She admits that Dimpy hasn’t caused her significant harm, yet she relishes the prospect of witnessing Dimpy’s downfall.

In the midst of the situation, Vedika enters and assures Dimpy that she will send her a party outfit. Dimpy confides in Vedika, mentioning Sonam’s intention of excluding her from the party. Vedika argues that Dimpy is still a part of the family, despite Sonam’s opinion. Sonam, however, dismisses Vedika’s statement and departs from the scene. Vedika encourages Dimpy to get ready for the party before leaving as well. With a determined attitude, Dimpy defiantly remarks that Sonam can indulge in her own flights of fancy, unaffected by her attempts to diminish her spirit.

[Episode End]

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