Saavi Ki Savaari

Saavi Ki Savaari 13 June 2023 Written Story Update

Saavi Ki Savaari 13 June 2023 Written Story Update On

The Episode Starts with Saavi expressing her frustration to Nityam, claiming that he never listens to her and their current predicament is his fault. She mentions how he did everything for a girl without knowing if she truly deserved it. In response, Nityam expresses his desire to have tea. Saavi questions how that’s possible, to which he reminds her that everything they need is available in her auto. He fondly recalls their first meeting when she had offered him tea, prompting Saavi to reminisce and prepare tea for him.

Grateful for the tea, Nityam offers her a tissue when she sneezes. Saavi insists that she’s in trouble because of him and requests an apology. However, Nityam assures her that there is no trouble and emphasizes the beauty of their surroundings. Suddenly, he gets caught in the rain, causing Saavi to recall his previous aversion to rain. She wonders what could have changed his behavior.

Moved by her thoughts, Saavi approaches Nityam and embraces him, both of them getting drenched in the rain. In the background, the song “Nazdeekiyaan” plays. However, it is revealed that this was Nityam’s dream, and he snaps back to reality when Saavi calls him. Nityam holds an umbrella for her and questions why she came there. Saavi explains that if she said anything, they would only end up fighting. Nityam suggests that they can resolve their problems, but Saavi reminds him of his previous behavior towards her. Realizing his mistakes, Nityam apologizes to her, remarking on the fact that he has said sorry twice that day.

He inquires what she wants to say, to which she expresses her anger over his changed behavior and the fact that he’s doing it all for another girl. He retorts by saying she’s angry because he’s behaving well, and he laughs. Confused, she questions his laughter while she’s upset. He explains that she’s jealous of a girl she doesn’t even know. She denies his claim.

In the midst of their conversation, she notices an elderly couple nearby. Swiftly, she snatches the umbrella from Nityam and offers it to the old couple. However, the uncle refuses to accept. Undeterred, Saavi insists that they sit in her auto. Nityam assures the uncle that Saavi will convince him no matter what. As a gesture of goodwill, Saavi presents a cup of tea to the uncle. Observing Nityam’s euphoria, she remarks that he seems to have gone mad with happiness. Curious, the aunt asks Saavi why she’s getting angry with Nityam. Saavi responds that she doesn’t know. The uncle advises Nityam and Saavi before departing with his wife.

Recognizing that it’s getting late, Saavi suggests they leave. Nityam discloses that there is no other girl and he was merely joking. Saavi scolds him for lying to her. He then confesses that there is indeed another girl. Perplexed, she questions why he keeps changing his statements. Suddenly, a thunderous sound startles her, and she instinctively hugs him. He prepares to go down on one knee to propose to her, but their moment is interrupted by the arrival of Manav, who berates Saavi for not answering his calls when she’s alone. Nityam defends Saavi, stating that she is with her husband. Manav reminds Nityam of his past actions and taunts him, eventually taking Saavi away from the scene.

[Episode End]

Precap : Manav expresses to Saavi that she often meets Nityam whenever he calls her, which leads him to take her for granted. Saavi, in response, explains that there was a change in their recent interaction as Nityam seemed eager to share something important with her. Later, Saavi’s happiness soars upon receiving a message from Nityam, stating his desire to meet and continue their conversation.

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