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Saavi Ki Savaari 30 May 2023 Written Story Update

Saavi Ki Savaari 30 May 2023 Written Story Update On

The episode commences with Saavi spotting Dimpy in Hanuman Gali. Dimpy swiftly seeks refuge indoors to evade Saavi’s sight. Seizing the opportunity, Saavi notices Nityam’s car and decides to enter his house. Nutan, taking responsibility for Sonam’s actions, apologizes to Vedika. In response, Vedika admits that she also scolded Sonam extensively and realizes that comparing Sonam to Saavi was unjustified. Just then, Saavi arrives and seeks blessings from Vedika. Surprisingly, Nityam greets Saavi, leaving her astonished. Saavi reciprocates the greeting. Manav questions the presence of the Dalmias, and Vedika explains that they came to extend an invitation. Curious, Manav asks if Nityam is getting married again, to which Saavi clarifies that they came to invite them for Raksham’s birthday party. Vedika affirms that Saavi would never forget about Raksham’s birthday, prompting Manav to jest about his earlier comment.

Sonam confides in Ratna about Raksham’s upcoming appointment as the board of director at Dalmia Industries, and how he will inherit 50% of the properties, making him the owner. She proclaims her intentions to rule over the Dalmia house. As a token of gratitude, she presents Ratna with a necklace as a return gift.

Vedika informed Saavi about an announcement, and shortly after, Manav offered to make tea for both of them. However, he revealed that he and Saavi had already enjoyed some coffee. Vedika and Saavi headed to the kitchen to prepare the tea, while Nityam and Manav engaged in a dispute over a table fan.

Saavi expressed her happiness for Raksham, to which Vedika responded that she shared the same sentiment. She expressed her hope that nobody would come across a particular file, and even if someone did stumble upon it, it would not affect them. Saavi advised Vedika to let go of any concerns regarding the file.

Dimpy instructed the electrician to proceed with his work, but suddenly, the lights went out in the Goyal house. Brijesh instructed Saavi to check the fuse, while Nityam placed blame on Manav for the power outage. The electrician requested Saavi to bring money for a new fuse. Meanwhile, Raksham arrived at the house and inquired about the whereabouts of the others. Devraj deceitfully provided him with false information.

Nityam assures Saavi of his assistance. Saavi informs him that the electrician has gone to purchase a fuse. She decides not to attend Raksham’s birthday party, ensuring her absence remains a secret. Nityam reminds her that she is still his wife, and with the media present, her absence would be noticeable.

Meanwhile, the electrician sneaks into Saavi’s room, attempting to open a locker. Saavi detects a noise and heads towards her room. Nityam believes that Saavi will be affected by Manav’s words alone. Saavi enters her room and inspects the area. The electrician installs the fuse, and Saavi expresses her gratitude. Sonam reminds Nutan to arrive on time.

The electrician confides in Dimpy, revealing that he has taken a photo of certain papers and sent them to her. Dimpy is shocked to learn that Raksham is Vedika’s adopted son, and she bursts into laughter.

[Episode End]

Precap : Dalmias behave as if they have completely forgotten about Raksham’s birthday. Dimpy silently predicts that an explosion will occur during Raksham’s birthday celebration, causing Sonam’s dreams to be shattered.

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