Pyar Ka Pehla Naam Radha Mohan

Pyar Ka Pehla Naam Radha Mohan 31 May 2023 Written Story Update

Pyar Ka Pehla Naam Radha Mohan 31 May 2023 Written Story Update On

The episode commences with a police inspector assaulting Mohan. Despite the beating, Mohan bravely confronts the inspector, asserting that he knows the true motive behind the officer’s actions – revenge for a perceived insult. Mohan explains that his anger stemmed from the inspector’s derogatory remarks about Radha. He pleads with the inspector to release him, promising to return once he has located Radha. However, the inspector callously retorts that he will only let Mohan go after breaking his leg, subjecting him to another round of merciless blows. Meanwhile, Ketki and Ajeet overhear Mohan’s agonized cries for help.

Simultaneously, Radha senses that Mohan is in grave danger. Determined to aid him, she forcefully breaks the wings of a fan. Bracing herself for the pain, she resolves to escape at any cost.

At the police station entrance, a constable obstructs Ketki and Ajeet from entering. In a display of cruelty, the police inspector taunts Mohan, asserting that he is in no condition to search for Radha. Mohan defiantly insists that he will find Radha regardless of the circumstances. Concerned for Mohan’s life, the constable interjects, urging the inspector to take legal action against Mohan instead of resorting to brutality. The inspector berates the constable, warning him to remain silent. He menacingly declares that both Mohan and Radha will meet their demise in his custody. Ketki implores the constable to allow her entry, while Ajeet argues that Mohan’s alleged offense is not severe enough to warrant such treatment.

The owner of the cold storage abruptly pours a bucket of water on the Watchman, causing him to wake up startled. To his surprise, he finds his boss standing before him. Tulsi diligently searches through all the cold storage rooms, desperately looking for Radha. Seeking guidance, she turns to Lord Krishna and asks where she should continue her search for Radha. It suddenly dawns on her that she had overlooked the possibility of finding Radha in the large cold storage room. The owner of the cold storage instructs the Watchman to open the massive room for inspection. Meanwhile, Radha and Mohan fervently recite Lord Krishna’s mantras. In a stroke of luck, Radha manages to break the ventilation fan.

Ketki confides in the Constable, expressing her concern about the unnecessary beating of Mohan by the police. In response, the Constable issues a warning, threatening to arrest Ketki. Ajeet intervenes, urging Ketki to stay calm and reminding her that Mohan is already imprisoned, and they cannot afford to end up behind bars as well. Frustrated, Ketki confesses that she cannot tolerate the situation any longer. Ajeet explains that they are powerless to change the circumstances. Overwhelmed, Ketki decides to confide in Kadambari, and she tearfully reaches out to her, pouring out her heart over the phone.

Kadambari implores her weeping daughter to reveal what has happened. Ketki proceeds to divulge every detail to her mother. Shocked by the news, Kadambari questions how the police inspector could have assaulted Mohan. Damini, taken aback by Kadambari’s statement, expresses her concern. Gungun inquires about Mohan’s well-being, prompting Kadambari to assure her that she will handle the situation, refusing to let Gungun accompany her. She assures Gungun that she will bring both Radha and Mohan back safely. Hearing this, Damini informs Kaveri that she will not spare Bhushan if anything happens to Mohan. Gungun shares with Kadambari that Radha considers her a lucky charm and pleads with her to take her along. Kadambari relents and agrees to take Gungun with her.

Meanwhile, Radha enters the ventilation area, while Tulsi enters a large cold storage room and desperately calls out Radha’s name.

[Episode End]

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