Pyar Ka Pehla Naam Radha Mohan

Pyar Ka Pehla Naam Radha Mohan 11 June 2023 Written Story Update

Pyar Ka Pehla Naam Radha Mohan 11 June 2023 Written Story Update On

The Episode Starts with the doctor attending to Radha’s medical needs. Damini confides in Kaveri, expressing her belief that if Radha manages to survive, their own lives will be jeopardized. Meanwhile, Rahul contemplates the potential troubles that could arise from his association with Damini and Kaveri, leading him to make the decision to distance himself from them.

However, Damini, realizing she requires Rahul’s assistance, determines to seek his help. She reaches out to him, but upon receiving the call, Rahul promptly flees from the scene. Concerned about Radha’s condition, Mohan inquires about her well-being from the doctor. The doctor, unable to provide any concrete information, informs Mohan that Radha is in critical condition and her prognosis remains uncertain. Damini and Kaveri find solace in the doctor’s statement and share a satisfied smile.

Mohan questions the doctor, reminding him that Radha had communicated with him, thus wondering why the doctor is now expressing such pessimism. In response, the doctor speculates that Radha may have desired to have a final meeting with her family before her potential demise. Ajeet interjects, emphasizing Radha’s unwavering determination and recounting her relentless struggle to survive, including her attempted escape from the cold storage. The doctor acknowledges Radha’s resilience and attributes her continued survival to her unwavering efforts. However, he also cautions that saving Radha now poses a significant challenge. The Trivedi family is left astounded by the doctor’s revelation.

Despite the grim circumstances, the doctor implores Mohan to remain hopeful, assuring him that the medical team is doing everything possible to save Radha. With that, the doctor departs from the scene, leaving the Trivedi family grappling with uncertainty and fear.

Gungun inquires about Radha’s whereabouts from Mohan, expressing her concern over Radha’s promise to always be with her. Mohan tenderly kisses Gungun’s hand in response. Tulsi beseeches Lord Krishna to safeguard Radha, emphasizing that Mohan and Gungun would be devastated if anything happened to her. Kaveri pretends to cry and scream, lamenting the loss of Mohan’s first wife and now the impending doom of his second. Ketki urges her to cease her theatrics, assuring that nothing will befall Radha.

Gungun embraces Mohan tightly, wiping away his tears. She assures him that Radha will recover, urging him not to dwell on negative thoughts and instead pray to Lord Krishna. Gungun believes that Krishna, being a superhero, guided Radha through numerous challenges, indicating her unwavering faith in Radha’s safety. Kaveri taunts Gungun, insisting that Radha’s survival is unlikely. Tulsi decides to teach Kaveri a lesson, while Gungun implores Kaveri to refrain from discussing Radha and putting on a show.

Gungun accuses Kaveri and Damini of harboring hatred towards Radha and orchestrating the current situation. Kaveri denies any involvement, but Gungun asserts that she is lying, throwing objects in Kaveri and Damini’s direction. Gungun holds them responsible for Radha’s deteriorating condition. Damini questions Mohan if he has nothing to say, but he silently walks away. Mohan observes Radha from outside. Meanwhile, Damini advances toward Gungun with the intention of attacking her, prompting Ketki to hurl objects at Damini. Ketki sarcastically remarks that Damini is becoming as unhinged as Gungun. Damini receives this comment, suggesting that she deserves such treatment.

Mohan recollects how he mistreated Radha and sheds tears of regret. He acknowledges his past accusations against her, offering an apology for not recognizing her value sooner (Title song plays in the background).

[Episode End]

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