Pyar Ka Pehla Naam Radha Mohan

Pyar Ka Pehla Naam Radha Mohan 15 June 2023 Written Story Update

Pyar Ka Pehla Naam Radha Mohan 15 June 2023 Written Story Update On

The Episode Starts with Damini inquiring about Radha’s well-being. Ketki advises her to prolong the charade for a few more minutes, assuring Damini that Radha will soon reveal the identity of her assailant. Ketki emphasizes that while they failed to gather any evidence in Tulsi’s case, Radha stands as a witness to the truth. Ketki firmly believes that Damini’s deceptive tactics have reached their end, convinced that Damini is the mastermind behind all the chaos. Subsequently, Ketki departs from the scene, urging Kaveri to escape before Radha discloses the truth to avoid potential imprisonment.

Meanwhile, the doctor informs the Trivedis that their prayers have been answered, and Radha is now out of danger. Kadam expresses gratitude to the doctor, while Tulsi extends her thanks to Lord Krishna. Radha reassures Gungun that she had promised to remain by her side, questioning why she would leave her now. She acknowledges that Gungun is her entire world, willing to even stand against Lord Krishna to protect her. Radha credits their prayers for her survival, acknowledging that she fought against her predetermined fate. Gungun asserts her determination to not let Radha go anywhere. Kadambari expresses her initial fear of losing Radha but is grateful to God for her miraculous rescue.

Ketki expressed her unwavering belief that nothing would happen to Radha. She then questioned Radha, inquiring if someone had locked her in the cold storage. Memories flooded Radha’s mind as she remembered how Damini had confined her in that chilling place. Reluctantly, Radha shared that she had returned to her family and didn’t wish to discuss the incident at present. All she desired was to spend time with Mohan and Gungun.

Tulsi advised Radha to disclose the truth to Mohan, but he intervened, insisting that Radha needed rest, vowing to punish the person responsible for her condition.

Meanwhile, Vishwanath confided in Rameshwar and Dadi, revealing everything that had transpired. He pleaded with Rameshwar to forgive Radha, emphasizing that their family had accepted her. However, Rameshwar remained adamant in refusing to grant Radha forgiveness.

Gungun laid down on the bed next to Radha, confessing her fear and vowing not to let Radha leave her side. Mohan, battered from the police beating, requested Gungun to move so that he too could rest. Concerned, Radha inquired about the reason for his condition. Ketki proceeded to fill her in on the details. Mohan reassured Radha, urging her to focus on herself. He settled down on the bed beside Gungun and eventually dozed off. As Radha observed him, the melodic strains of “Apna Bana Le” played softly in the background, evoking memories of the moments they had shared.

Mohan’s loud snores startled the Trivedis, and Radha playfully remarked that it seemed he hadn’t been kept awake by her presence. Kadambari intervened, assuring Radha that she was Mohan’s solace, the reason he could peacefully sleep when she was around. Gungun, acknowledging the couple’s privacy, expressed her intention to rise from the bed. However, Radha halted her, advising her not to disturb Mohan’s slumber. Deep in thought, Damini anticipated the approaching “uneees,” convinced that it would mark the final day of Radha’s happiness.

[Episode End]

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