Pyar Ka Pehla Naam Radha Mohan

Pyar Ka Pehla Naam Radha Mohan 09 June 2023 Written Story Update

Pyar Ka Pehla Naam Radha Mohan 09 June 2023 Written Story Update On

The Episode Starts with Mohan standing on one leg as a gesture for Radha. Simultaneously, Radha kindly requests a rat to vacate the cold storage. Upon noticing the rat’s injury, she compassionately ties a piece of her saree around it. Radha informs the rat that she cannot leave that place but encourages it to depart. Subsequently, the rat scurries away.

Mohan expresses to Lord Krishna that Radha needs his assistance. He declares his intention to observe a fast and proceed to the office. Damini is taken aback by this revelation. Kadambari appeals to Lord Krishna, urging him to listen to Mohan’s prayer. Gungun informs Lord Krishna that Mohan’s actions are driven by his love for Radha. Given Lord Krishna’s support for lovers, Gungun implores him not to separate Radha from Mohan. Ketki confesses that she believed Mohan would never be capable of loving again after Tulsi’s demise. However, Mohan’s love for Radha proves otherwise, and Lord Krishna should not separate them. Damini confides in Kaveri, expressing her discomfort in witnessing the profound love everyone has for Radha.

Feeling remorseful, Radha apologizes to Gungun for failing to keep her promise. She reminisces about her vow to never leave Gungun’s side and mentions Mohan’s name. Meanwhile, Mohan informs Kadambari that Radha has called him. Damini confides in Kaveri, admitting her uncertainty about whether Radha is alive or not. Consequently, she decides to eliminate Radha just as she did with Tulsi. Kaveri cautions her, suggesting that Tulsi may be observing their actions. Undeterred, Damini speculates that Tulsi must be weeping alongside the Trivedi family.

Radha expresses her desire to be with Mohan forever, acknowledging its impossibility. She implores Lord Krishna to safeguard Gungun and Mohan from Damini’s malevolence. Although Radha failed to expose Damini, she pleads for Lord Krishna to administer justice upon her. Furthermore, Radha requests Lord Krishna to watch over the Trivedi family. Meanwhile, Damini approaches the cold storage but encounters obstruction from a cow. Frightened, she hastily retreats from the scene.

Mohan confides in Lord Krishna, expressing that his faith in Him has been restored thanks to Radha. However, he fears that if he cannot find Radha, his trust will be shattered once again. Gungun approaches Lord Krishna, accusing Him of taking Tulsi away from her and pleading for Him not to snatch Radha as well. In the midst of their conversation, Gungun is on the verge of falling, prompting everyone to rush to her aid, except for Mohan. Gungun notices a rat and a piece of Radha’s saree, and she brings it to Mohan’s attention. Kaveri whispers to herself, remarking that even Lord Ganesh seems to be supporting Radha, and she hopes that Damini completes her task.

Mohan takes hold of the rat, confidently asserting that Radha must be nearby. Kaveri questions him, asking how he can be certain that it is Radha’s saree. Mohan explains that he had personally given that particular saree to Radha. He recollects the moment when Radha had complained about not having many sarees and how Mohan had surprised her with one, resulting in her placing a tender kiss on his cheek. Gungun queries the rat, inquiring if it knows the whereabouts of Radha, and urges it to lead them to her. Kaveri, in a taunting tone, interjects, stating that the rat is not a postman. Kadambari tells Kaveri to remain silent, as Gungun is engaged in a conversation with Lord Ganesh.

[Episode End]

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