Pyar Ka Pehla Naam Radha Mohan

Pyar Ka Pehla Naam Radha Mohan 02 June 2023 Written Story Update

Pyar Ka Pehla Naam Radha Mohan 02 June 2023 Written Story Update On

The episode commences with Tulsi contemplating the necessity of bringing Mohan to the cold storage. Meanwhile, Radha spots Tulsi’s bag suspended in mid-air and instantly realizes her presence. She calls out Tulsi’s name, but unfortunately, Tulsi fails to hear her and departs from the location. Radha comprehends that Tulsi has left and becomes overwhelmed with sorrow. She pleads with Tulsi not to leave.

Meanwhile, at the police station, the weary police inspector decides to take a break and indulges in consuming an ice cream. Suddenly, Mohan recollects his past mistreatment of Radha and cries out her name in anguish. Startled by Mohan’s outburst, the police inspector accidentally drops the ice cream bowl. Mohan internally acknowledges that he doesn’t believe the police inspector will abandon his duty, but he is determined to find Radha. With great effort, he attempts to free himself from the restraints. Observing Mohan’s struggle, the police inspector chuckles and asserts that Mohan’s escape is an impossibility.

On the contrary, Damini confesses to Kadambari that she loves Mohan deeply and assures her that she would never even consider hurting him. Gungun suggests to Kadambari that they should lock Damini and Kaveri in a room. However, Kaveri refuses, stating that they are not thugs. Taking matters into her own hands, Kadambari instructs Rahul to lock Damini and Kaveri in a room and confiscate their phones. Overwhelmed, Damini falls at Kadambari’s feet, expressing her inability to stay in the house any longer. Kaveri urges Kadambari to take Damini along with her, but Kadambari dismisses the idea, claiming she doesn’t have time for such theatrics. Eventually, she agrees to take Damini with her, and they both leave the house.

Meanwhile, Radha is determined to find Mohan and realizes she must reach him soon. Inside the police station, just as the inspector is about to strike Mohan, he stops upon hearing Kadambari’s voice. Damini is taken aback to see Kaveri present in the police station and Kaveri playfully asks her how she managed to miss all the drama.

The police inspector scolds a constable for allowing the Trivedi family to enter the police station. Worried, the Trivedis observe Mohan’s distressed state. Tulsi arrives at the scene and attempts to untie Mohan but fails in her efforts. Damini questions who could do such a thing to Mohan, to which the police inspector arrogantly responds that he was the one who beat him and challenges Damini about what she can do to stop him. Defiantly, Damini demands the immediate release of Mohan.

Tulsi’s anger flares up, directed at the police inspector, causing the lights to flicker. Damini and Kadambari immediately sense Tulsi’s presence. Kadambari steps aside, calling out Tulsi’s name, and acknowledges her anger. She pleads with Tulsi not to take any action, as it would unfairly implicate Mohan. Kaveri confides in Damini, predicting that Tulsi will confront the police inspector aggressively. In response, the police inspector orders a constable to inspect the flickering lights. Overwhelmed with emotions, Tulsi declares that she cannot harm the police inspector and breaks down in tears.

Meanwhile, Radha discovers that their path is obstructed and determines that she must remove a screw to clear the way. Mohan reassures Kadambari that he is alright, though seeing her son in such a state causes her to weep. Radha reminisces about the time Mohan gave her a hairclip, realizing how deeply he loves her. Seizing the hairclip, she acknowledges Mohan’s unwavering support in her thoughts, urging herself not to lose hope and to continue fighting.

[Episode End]

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