Pyar Ka Pehla Naam Radha Mohan

Pyar Ka Pehla Naam Radha Mohan 30 May 2023 Written Story Update

Pyar Ka Pehla Naam Radha Mohan 30 May 2023 Written Story Update On

The episode commences with Radha ceasing the rotation of the ventilation fan. Expressing her gratitude, she acknowledges Lord Krishna for his assistance. Meanwhile, at the police station, Mohan pleads with the police inspector to release him. Regrettably, the police inspector informs him that the charges against him are non-bailable, which implies that he will remain incarcerated for attacking the police officer. Ketki implores the inspector to set Mohan free, explaining that his actions were driven by Radha’s mysterious disappearance since morning. However, the inspector rebuffs her, asserting that Mohan should have exercised restraint over his anger.

Elsewhere, the owner of the cold storage facility urges the watchman to wake up, but there is no response. In his quest to find the key to the cold storage room, he comes up empty-handed. Observing this, Tulsi becomes aware of the situation.

Ajeet informs the police inspector that once they locate Radha, they will bring Mohan to the police station. In response, the inspector advises them to pray to God if they believe Radha is in danger, as he cannot register a missing person’s report until 24 hours have elapsed. Mohan questions the inspector about the potential harm that could befall Radha within that time frame. Callously, the inspector states that Mohan should have considered this before attacking him, further insinuating that Mohan might have committed a similar act in the past by causing the demise of his first wife, Tulsi. Ketki defends Mohan’s character, while Ajeet implores him to maintain composure. Mohan recalls the promise he made to Gungun, realizing that if he remains imprisoned, he will be unable to locate Radha.

Radha, determined to escape, resolves to break the ventilation fan. With a rod in hand, she cautiously climbs onto a nearby shelf. Meanwhile, Mohan is uncertain about Radha’s current state and what he should say to Gungun.

Gungun informs Kadambari that Ketki abruptly ended the call, leaving them worried about their well-being. Kadambari advises Gungun to stay calm, assuring her that they are actively searching for Radha and will return with her soon. Despite her own concerns, Kadambari conceals her worries from Gungun. In a hushed tone, Damini whispers to Kaveri that Mohan, being imprisoned, won’t be able to rescue Radha, and fears that Radha’s fate may be grim.

Radha, determined not to give up after enduring so much, reminds herself of her purpose to stay alive for Mohan and Gungun. She calls out to Mohan, urging him to come to her side, for she feels like she is battling alone.

Mohan confesses to Ketki that he made a grave mistake by attacking the police inspector, realizing that Radha needs him now. He musters the courage to apologize to the police inspector for his actions. Ketki, pleading with the police inspector, requests that he release Mohan, but instead of complying, the police inspector scolds her. Ajeet, feeling outraged, threatens to file a complaint against the police inspector for his behavior. However, Mohan advises Ajeet that it’s not the right time for such actions, trying to diffuse the tension. Ajeet, unable to contain his anger, directs his frustration towards the police inspector. In an attempt to restore calm, Ketki urges Ajeet to calm down and refrain from escalating the situation further. Unfortunately, their efforts are in vain, as the constable forcefully ejects Ajeet and Ketki from the police station. Ketki expresses her concern to Ajeet, explaining that she worries about Mohan because he inadvertently wounded the police inspector’s pride.

Meanwhile, Radha, in an attempt to break the ventilation fan, loses her footing and slips. At the same time, the police inspector proceeds to physically assault Mohan, causing him to scream out in agonizing pain.

[Episode End]

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