Pyar Ka Pehla Naam Radha Mohan

Pyar Ka Pehla Naam Radha Mohan 10 June 2023 Written Story Update

Pyar Ka Pehla Naam Radha Mohan 10 June 2023 Written Story Update On

The Episode Starts with Gungun inquiring about Radha’s whereabouts from the mouse. The mouse scurries away, and the Trivedis follow its trail. Meanwhile, Kaveri dials Damini’s number and questions whether she is responsible for Radha’s disappearance. Damini explains that a cow hindered her progress, and Kaveri speculates that Mohan might locate Radha. Determined to eliminate Radha’s influence, Damini resolves to outsmart her pursuers and evades the cow. Eventually, she reaches the cold storage facility, only to be shocked by the sight of the Trivedis standing there.

Observing that the door is locked, Mohan learns that the owner of the cold storage has already left. Damini informs Kaveri that Radha may have perished before they managed to open the door. Kadambari suggests contacting the cold storage owner, but Damini reveals that they lack the owner’s contact information. Moreover, she dismisses the idea of relying on the mouse, asserting that they have already inspected the cold storage thoroughly. Mohan interrupts, emphasizing that this is not a matter of logic but rather his unwavering trust in Radha’s presence. Determined to reach her, he forcefully breaks the lock on the door.

As everyone enters the cold storage, they commence their search for Radha. The mouse leads them to her location, capturing Gungun’s attention, who promptly informs Mohan. Mohan starts removing the ice cream boxes, while Damini secretly hopes for Radha’s demise. Rahul warns Damini not to mention his name if Radha mentions it. Kaveri advises Rahul to remain silent for the time being. The Trivedis are astounded by Radha’s condition upon discovering her. Mohan cradles Radha in his arms, while Kadambari rubs her hand gently. Gungun pleads with Radha to open her eyes, and Kadambari instructs Ajeet to call an ambulance. Meanwhile, Damini believes that Radha has already passed away.

Trivedis come to the heartbreaking realization that Radha has passed away. In the midst of their grief, Gungun tries to console Kadambari, urging her not to cry because Radha will be fine. Mohan, unable to accept Radha’s departure, reminds her of her promise not to leave him, insisting that she cannot simply go like this. He declares that he won’t be able to smile again if Radha is gone, emphasizing the impact it would have on Gungun, who has already lost her mother once and cannot bear to lose her again. Kaveri, feigning sadness, pretends that Radha’s untimely demise is a tragedy. Gungun, however, bluntly tells her to be quiet.

Damini advises Mohan to compose himself, understanding that Radha will never return regardless of their anguish. Mohan reminisces about a moment when Radha shared a story with him. In her tale, a princess dies, and a prince, deeply in love with her, kisses her. This notion amuses Mohan, and he explains to Radha that a kiss is not like an electric shock. In response, Radha tells him that true love possesses the power to conquer death. Mohan snaps back to reality, wiping away his tears. With the intention to kiss Radha, he leans in, but she stops him. Witnessing this, the Trivedis feel a surge of happiness, while Damini and Kaveri are left astounded. Radha conveys to Mohan that he can kiss her when he wholeheartedly accepts her and truly falls in love with her. Overwhelmed with emotion, Mohan embraces Radha and gently places a kiss on her forehead, expressing his gratitude to Lord Krishna.

At that moment, an ambulance arrives on the scene, signaling the arrival of medical assistance. Gungun expresses her gratitude towards a mouse, perhaps attributing its presence to a divine intervention.

[Episode End]

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