Pyar Ka Pehla Naam Radha Mohan

Pyar Ka Pehla Naam Radha Mohan 01 June 2023 Written Story Update

Pyar Ka Pehla Naam Radha Mohan 01 June 2023 Written Story Update On

The episode commences as Radha cautiously emerges from the frigid confines of the cold storage. Inside, Tulsi enters the same room, urgently calling out Radha’s name. Upon surveying the surroundings, she comprehends that Radha had indeed been present there. Suddenly, the watchman and owner of the cold storage enter the room, only to be taken aback by the appalling state they witness.

Meanwhile, in another part of the house, Kadambari consents to take Gungun along with her. Gungun instructs Dulari to keep a watchful eye on Damini and Kaveri. Acting upon Gungun’s instructions, Kadambari advises Dulari to retrieve the phone from Damini and Kaveri. However, Damini asserts that it is unnecessary as she intends to accompany Kadambari. Suspicions arise within Kadambari as she believes Damini may be involved in Radha’s sudden disappearance and is attempting to leave the house. Consequently, Kadambari firmly declares that Damini cannot depart from the premises.

Radha expresses her gratitude to Lord Krishna and acknowledges that she is experiencing a sense of warmth. Just outside the police station, Ajeet engages in a conversation with a Constable, proposing that they can resolve the issue through dialogue rather than resorting to violence. Meanwhile, Ketki is overcome with emotion and begins to cry. Ajeet reassures her that Kadambari will arrive soon.

The owner of a cold storage facility laments the significant loss he has suffered and reprimands the Watchman for his carelessness. The Watchman claims that a malevolent spirit, or “chudail,” is responsible for the incident. However, the cold storage owner suspects that a short circuit might have triggered the calamity. Determined to obtain insurance money, he decides to file a complaint. Despite the Watchman’s warning about the potential spread of the fire to other storage areas, the owner remains steadfast in his pursuit of insurance compensation and escorts the Watchman away from the scene.

Radha reminisces about how Mohan attended to her sprain, reflecting on his advice to focus on pleasant memories during times of pain. With closed eyes, she immerses herself in the recollection of the moments she shared with Mohan.

Meanwhile, Mohan reminisces about the cherished moments he shared with Radha, a warm smile gracing his face. Perplexed, the police inspector questions how Mohan can smile amidst such trying circumstances. Mohan explains that his smile stems from the power of love, emphasizing that the unwavering affection of his loved ones provides him with strength that the police inspector fails to comprehend. He firmly believes that as long as his loved ones’ prayers are with him, no harm will befall him. Mohan asserts that the same holds true for Radha, as they have the unwavering support of Lord Krishna.

In the meantime, Damini confides in Kadambari, acknowledging that no matter what she does, she cannot bring herself to harm Mohan.

Lost in thought, Tulsi ponders where she can search for Radha, contemplating how she can send a signal to let Radha know she’s there. In an attempt to catch Radha’s attention, she deliberately knocks over a shelf, creating a loud noise. Radha, hearing the sound, wonders if someone has come to rescue her. With determination, she decides to make her way back to the cold storage area.

Tulsi, overwhelmed with emotion, sheds tears as she discovers blood stains and Radha’s abandoned bag. Her suspicions are confirmed, and she realizes that Radha had indeed been in the cold storage. Perplexed as to how Radha managed to leave when the door was locked, Tulsi resolves to bring Mohan to the cold storage. Meanwhile, Radha notices her bag dangling in the air and utters Tulsi’s name in recognition.

[Episode End]

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