Pyar Ka Pehla Naam Radha Mohan

Pyar Ka Pehla Naam Radha Mohan 25 June 2023 Written Story Update

Pyar Ka Pehla Naam Radha Mohan 25 June 2023 Written Story Update On

The Episode Starts With Mohan stirring in his sleep, murmuring softly. Radha’s piercing scream jolts everyone, prompting them to rush to Mohan’s room. Concerned, Radha asks Mohan if he had a dream. Mohan replies, revealing that the dream felt incredibly vivid, and he distinctly heard Tulsi’s voice. Damini, perplexed by Mohan’s ability to hear Tulsi’s voice, exits the room and contacts Guru Maa, urging her not to harm Tulsi due to Mohan’s experiences. However, Damini is taken aback when she spots Radha standing nearby.

Inquisitive, Radha confronts Damini, demanding to know what she has done to Tulsi. She tries to grab the phone from Damini but fails. Damini reassures Radha, stating that she hasn’t done anything. Radha forcefully takes Damini to a separate room, accusing her of being responsible for Mohan’s current condition. Kaveri scolds Radha for unjustly blaming Damini. Mohan intervenes, assuring Radha that it was merely a troubling dream. Ketki suggests they all go back to sleep. Eventually, everyone departs from the room, leaving Radha and Mohan alone. Radha contemplates the fact that Tulsi’s voice had gone unheard until now, except for today when Mohan heard it.

Damini inquires Guru Maa about the sudden occurrence of Mohan hearing Tulsi’s voice and ponders on the possibility of Tulsi communicating with Mohan through Radha. Guru Maa assures Damini that she will not allow such a thing to happen. Meanwhile, Tulsi visits Mohan’s room and calls out to him, leading Mohan to feel as though Tulsi has indeed called him. Guru Maa takes action by sealing the skeleton’s mouth, stating that Tulsi will not be able to speak anymore. Confused, Tulsi wonders why she has lost her ability to speak.

Damini informs Kaveri that Mohan might experience a heart attack the following day, urging her to wait and witness what unfolds. The next day, Damini informs Mohan that his cabin is prepared and they both enter. Mohan notices pictures of himself and Tulsi, triggering memories of their shared moments. Radha also observes the cabin and believes that Mohan intended to escape from these memories, viewing Damini as heartless for orchestrating this situation. Damini asks Mohan if he appreciates the surprise and informs him about a meeting with investors. Mohan requests her to cancel the meeting and she departs.

Radha enters the cabin and embraces Mohan in an attempt to comfort him. However, Mohan pushes her away, causing her to fall to the floor. Realizing his mistake, he helps her up and apologizes, acknowledging that he inflicts pain upon his loved ones. Radha advises him to calm down, expressing that the environment reminds him of painful memories. Overwhelmed, Mohan breaks down and Radha gently wipes away his tears. The employees witness this interaction, providing Damini with a sense of amusement.

Mohan confides in Radha that he cannot stay in that place any longer. Radha encourages him to recall the pleasant memories he shared with Tulsi in that office, urging him to confront his fears. She leaves, recognizing that Mohan must face this battle on his own. The employees engage in gossip about an alleged affair between Radha and Mohan. Mohan realizes that Radha is right and accepts that he cannot change the past, but must learn to coexist with his history.

[Episode End]

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