Pyar Ka Pehla Naam Radha Mohan

Pyar Ka Pehla Naam Radha Mohan 16 May 2023 Written Story Update

Pyar Ka Pehla Naam Radha Mohan 16 May 2023 Written Story Update On

Radha’s attempt to retrieve the box ends in a fall, causing her hand to become trapped underneath. Overwhelmed by pain, she lets out a scream as she sees blood flowing from her injured hand. Struggling, Radha tries to lift the box with her other hand, but the agony intensifies, leading her to continue screaming. Eventually, she manages to free her hand, which now bears a worsened injury. Gathering her breath, Radha recites the Mantar, seeking the courage to persevere and fight against Damini’s plans. Defiantly, she declares that Damini cannot deter her with any means she employs, emphasizing that the pain is confined to her body alone while her soul remains unshaken. Bihari jee’s teachings remind her of the inherent power within her soul, which persists even in this trying moment—she just needs to rediscover it.

Recalling the prayers she taught Gungun, Radha struggles to even touch anything due to her injured wrists. However, as she continues reciting the Mantar, she finds the strength to rise to her feet. Trembling from the intense cold, she gazes at the blowers, realizing she must close them. Determined to protect herself and stay alive for the sake of Gungun and Mohan jee, Radha resolves that she cannot let anything happen to her. She acknowledges that Mohan jee would be burdened with guilt if she were to perish, and for that reason, she is determined to ensure her own safety. With determination, Radha affirms that she is returning to Gungun and Mohan jee because she must live.

Kadambari interrupts, stating that enough is enough and questions how much longer they must lie. She reveals that Damini threatened to kill Radha and even physically assaulted her. Kadambari finds it suspicious that all the office cameras malfunctioned, except for the one in Radha’s cabin, which conveniently recorded the incident, proving her innocence. Kaveri concludes that Kadambari has successfully cornered Damini, and both she and her daughter will have to face the consequences and likely go to jail.

Damini pleaded with Kadambari, urging her to trust her. When Kadambari asked for just one reason to believe her, questioning how she could have been unaware of who broke the cameras, Mohan recalled the moment when Radha confided in him about being followed, leading her to break the cameras. Mohan revealed that it was Radha who had broken them, leaving everyone in shock.

Amidst excruciating pain, Radha screamed as she struggled to remove the boxes from the shelf. Despite her injured wrists, she exerted all her strength, unaware that the shelf was unstable and at risk of collapsing. Determined to protect Mohan, Radha made her way to the other side, steadfast in her resolve. She made a valiant effort to push the shelf towards the wall where the blowers were located, growing anxious as the shelf teetered dangerously. However, Radha never lost hope and eventually managed to secure it against the wall. Standing beneath the shelf, Radha glanced at the blowers, which continued to expel a constant stream of cold air.

Mohan defended Damini, expressing his belief that blaming her was unjust, and instead, he expressed concern for Radha, stating that she was the one causing pain. Ketki questioned why Radha would engage in such behavior, to which Mohan revealed that she had resorted to a deceitful tactic to get him to join the office. Damini grew worried upon learning about an incident where Mohan had fought with criminals who claimed to have received instructions from someone, and they had Radha’s contact number. Mohan disclosed that the number indeed belonged to Radha. Kaveri’s face lit up with a smile. Tulsi reassured everyone that Mohan knew Radha would never engage in such actions.

Kadambari interjected, stating that it wasn’t the time to discuss these matters and emphasized the importance of searching for Radha. She firmly believed that Radha could never harbor ill intentions and any actions she had taken were likely for Mohan’s benefit. Kadambari insisted that Mohan should immediately come to the office. Tulsi agreed, stating that he must go, but Gungun attempted to pull him back. However, Mohan refused, declaring that he wouldn’t go anywhere. Kadambari was taken aback upon hearing his response.

In the cold storage, Radha tears the double tape she had tied around the box’s cover. After adjusting her dress, she places the box on the top shelf. Using the cardboard as a shield, Radha places her hands on it and attempts to climb on top. Unaware that the shelf is loose and unstable, she exerts all her force to climb. Eventually, Radha successfully reaches the top of the shelf, taking the box with the tape attached. She positions it in front of the distant blower, having to stand on her toes to reach it. Meanwhile, the shelf starts swinging precariously.

Despite the swinging shelf, Radha manages to cover one of the blowers with the box’s cover. She keeps a watchful eye on it, but the cover comes off after a few seconds due to the powerful airflow. Realizing she needs more tape to reinforce it, Radha stands up once again to make another attempt. The shelf continues to sway dangerously, but she remains determined. Radha places the cover for the second time, but it swiftly falls off, striking Radha before landing on the floor.

The temperature in the cold storage has plummeted to minus seventeen degrees.

Ketki notifies Mohan about a potential danger concerning Radha. Mohan immediately dismisses it as another one of Radha’s tactics to lure him to the office. He then turns to Gungun and instructs her to disclose Radha’s whereabouts. Recalling a previous incident where Radha embarrassed him at the school, Mohan expresses his reluctance to trust her. Kadambari intervenes and inquires about Mohan’s statements. Gungun attempts to reassure everyone that she genuinely doesn’t know where Radha is, but Mohan remains skeptical. He urges both Damini and Maa to return home, emphasizing that there’s no reason to worry about Radha. Mohan clarifies that no one should make any further attempts to find Radha, as he believes she orchestrated everything to manipulate him into joining the office. However, he predicts that she will eventually return on her own now that her plan has failed.

Meanwhile, Radha finds herself in a chilly environment and covers her ears, contemplating the ongoing fight she can’t put an end to. She understands that Mohan jee would be genuinely concerned for her well-being.

Mohan expresses that Radha is unlikely to be sought after by anyone anymore. He urges both Maa and Damini to return home. Damini believes that everything will unfold according to her plan. With a smile on her face, Kaveri envisions Radha’s demise and anticipates that Gungun will blame Mohan for it, leading them to despise each other once more. As Gungun pleads with Mohan not to give up and emphasizes the need to search for Radha, warning about the potential consequences if something were to happen to her, Mohan’s worry grows. Mohan ends the call, his mind filled with concerns.

[Episode End]

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