Pyar Ka Pehla Naam Radha Mohan

Pyar Ka Pehla Naam Radha Mohan 28 June 2023 Written Story Update

Pyar Ka Pehla Naam Radha Mohan 28 June 2023 Written Story Update On

The Episode Starts With Ajeet expressing his inability to leave Ketki to someone on the phone. In response, the person curtly informs him that Ketki doesn’t need him either and abruptly ends the call. Ajeet finds himself caught in the middle and turns around, only to be taken aback by Ketki’s presence. He wonders if she overheard his conversation. Ketki inquires about the person he was talking to, to which Ajeet fabricates a story about discussing phone bills and swiftly departs. Ketki, aware that Ajeet’s phone bill is automatically paid, questions why he would lie about such a trivial matter.

Meanwhile, Radha enters the kitchen in search of Tulsi and directly addresses her. Sensing that Tulsi has something important to share, Radha discovers a message on the mirror. The message assures Radha that Tulsi is safe and will take care of Gungun. Tulsi advises Radha not to trust this message, attributing it to the manipulations of Damini and Kaveri. Radha leaves the room, unaware that Damini and Kaveri had been hiding nearby. Kaveri praises Damini for her clever idea, and Damini reminisces about how she wrote the message on the mirror. She informs Kaveri that Radha now believes Tulsi is secure, allowing them to focus on their next plan. Damini reveals her intention to involve Gungun in order to hinder Mohan.

Padma arrives at the Trivedi house, expressing her anticipation for this day. She declares that the destruction of the Trivedi family will commence from today.

Radha urges Mohan to go to sleep, but he insists that he still has a lot of work to do. Radha expresses her happiness at seeing him engrossed in his tasks and asks if he is okay. Mohan admits that he still holds resentment towards Tulsi, but he also cherishes the good moments they shared. He reveals that he skipped going to the office because he had a heated argument with Tulsi there. Now, he has resolved to focus only on the good memories.

Ketki ponders about whom Ajeet was talking to. Kaveri tells her that all men are the same and suspects that something fishy is going on since Ketki is suspecting Ajeet for the first time. Kaveri discloses that she discovered her own husband’s affair and advises Ketki to handle the situation. Ketki, however, asserts her trust in Ajeet. Kaveri states that husbands cannot be trusted and departs, convinced that Ketki will be preoccupied with Ajeet’s matter.

Mohan shares the details of his arguments with Tulsi with Radha. He explains how he used to persuade Tulsi during those fights. Radha advises him to rest and suggests leaving the work for the next day. Mohan expresses his gratitude to her for enabling him to confront his fears. Radha falls asleep, and he gazes at her (while the song “Apna Bana Le” plays in the background). He leans in to kiss her forehead but refrains upon hearing her snoring sound.

Rameshwar informs Dadi that they will meet Kadambari at the temple and leaves. Meanwhile, Mandira, wearing a veil, arrives at the Trivedi house. She notices that the door has been locked from the outside and inquires about Rameshwar from a neighbor. She learns that Rameshwar went to Radha’s temple in Vrindavan.

The following day, Radha feels disappointed that she cannot meet her family. Damini questions Radha about her absence at the office, but Radha refuses to respond. Damini asserts that Radha cannot defeat her. Tulsi intervenes and asks Radha for help, but the sentence is left unfinished.

Guru Maa advises Damini not to worry about Tulsi and Radha. Damini mentions her intention to harm Gungun by breaking her leg or hand. Guru Maa suggests killing Gungun on July 3rd, to which Damini agrees.

Ajeet instructs someone not to come to the Trivedi house and promises to meet that person instead. Ketki overhears this conversation and suspects that Ajeet is having an affair.

Mohan encourages Radha to meet her father and Dadi, emphasizing that they are her family and she has the right to meet them. He plants a kiss on her cheek and departs for the office. Radha becomes emotional but smiles. She sees Gungun playing and realizes that Gungun considers her as a mother, and now Mohan is also treating her like a wife. Radha decides to visit Rameshwar and Dadi, unaware that Damini overhears her plans.

At the temple, Kadambari signs some documents and questions Rameshwar about his decision not to meet Radha. Just then, Radha arrives at the temple.

[Episode End]

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