Pyar Ka Pehla Naam Radha Mohan

Pyar Ka Pehla Naam Radha Mohan 26 June 2023 Written Story Update

Pyar Ka Pehla Naam Radha Mohan 26 June 2023 Written Story Update On

The Episode Starts With Mohan engrossed in reading the newspaper. Radha, noticing that it’s already 9 a.m., reminds him that he hasn’t taken a bath yet. Responding to her, he proceeds towards the bathroom. As Radha peruses the newspaper, she comes across an intriguing piece stating that, as per her zodiac sign astrology, a long-hidden secret from her past might be unveiled. Contemplating the matter, she dismisses the possibility of the secret being connected to Tulsi’s death, firmly believing it to be untrue.

Simultaneously, a woman named Mandira reflects upon her journey, acknowledging that Banaras had bestowed upon her wealth, family, and influence. She further acknowledges that her present name has given her a fresh start by eradicating her past.

Damini, engrossed in reading her own zodiac sign astrology, realizes the urgency to take action promptly, fearing the potential loss of everything she holds dear. Kaveri, however, advises her against placing blind trust in such predictions. Undeterred, Damini informs Kaveri that she had filled the cabin with memories of Tulsi, but Radha had managed to handle Mohan. She expresses concern that if Mohan were to inspect the accounts, he would discover the extent of her actions. Damini reveals that Mohan has a meeting scheduled with a chartered accountant.

Radha confides in Tulsi, expressing her belief that her zodiac sign and astrology are somehow connected to Tulsi’s potential demise. Additionally, she senses an impending storm that could bring devastation. Surprisingly, Tulsi admits to sharing the same apprehension. Radha reveals her suspicion that Damini has concealed evidence, which could lead to the revelation of a troubling past. Meanwhile, Mandira boldly asserts her lack of fear towards God, asserting her ability to cast darkness upon those who oppose her.

Mohan informs Radha that he is currently occupied and unable to come to her aid if she finds herself in trouble. He questions why she is not yet prepared, to which Radha explains that she will not be going to the office today. Instead, she intends to cook for her husband, who is returning to the office after a prolonged absence. Damini arrives and informs Mohan that he cannot proceed with his meeting with the CA. Radha interjects, informing Damini that she had arranged the meeting. Damini questions her interference, but Mohan acknowledges Radha’s responsibility for scheduling all the meetings. He expresses gratitude towards Radha before departing.

Mandira seeks the counsel of Pandit ji, disclosing a dream she had involving someone removing a skeleton. She queries the significance of this dream, and Pandit ji responds by relating it to her past. He warns that Mandira’s past will resurface, potentially jeopardizing everything she has achieved. Furthermore, he asserts that it is time for her to face the consequences of her actions. Incensed by his words, Mandira vows not to let her past affect her present, regardless of the circumstances. She abruptly leaves.

Radha busies herself with cooking for Mohan while pondering the well-being of Dadi and Rameshwar. She attempts to call Dadi, but Rameshwar promptly ends the call. Similarly, when she contacts Rameshwar, he disconnects the call as well. Radha believes that they are still angry with her and experiences a hiccup, pondering who might be thinking of her.

Upon returning home, Mandira reflects on the words of Pandit ji. She adamantly declares that she will not allow her destiny to dictate her life. Observing a servant conversing on the phone, she intentionally shatters a vase of flowers. As the servant collects the broken glass, she callously steps on his hand. Sarcastically, she apologizes before giving him money for treatment and departing. Radha tends to Dulari’s injury, and Dulari praises her for her care.

Mandira’s mother-in-law showers Mandira with praise. Mandira mentions Shiv, a talented musician, which causes her mother-in-law to express concern for his well-being. Mandira discloses her desire to visit a temple in Barsana for Shiv, while simultaneously criticizing Shiv’s mother. The mother-in-law becomes distraught, prompting Shiv’s mother to cry.

In the office, Damini tamperes with Mohan’s tea, intending to prevent him from attending the meeting. She offers him the tea, but as Radha places the tray on the table, she accidentally knocks over the glass. Radha insists that Mohan have his lunch first, causing Damini to suggest postponing the meeting since Mohan has yet to prepare. Unfazed, Radha requests Damini to bring the files and proceeds to feed Mohan. In turn, Mohan also feeds Radha, fostering an affectionate atmosphere (while the song “Apna Bana Le” plays in the background).

Later, Radha escorts the CA to Mohan’s room, only to discover that he is fast asleep. This infuriates the CA, who berates Radha before storming out. Radha becomes aware of Mohan’s unconscious state and notices Damini smirking in the vicinity.

[Episode End]

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