Pyar Ka Pehla Naam Radha Mohan

Pyar Ka Pehla Naam Radha Mohan 28 May 2023 Written Story Update

Pyar Ka Pehla Naam Radha Mohan 28 May 2023 Written Story Update On

The episode commences with Mohan shouldering the blame for everything that has occurred. Ketki consoles him, assuring him that they will locate Radha. Meanwhile, the owner of the cold storage room attempts to contact the Watchman, but there is no response from the other end. Tulsi, feeling despondent, acknowledges that she has searched every possible place. Suddenly, she notices the Watchman fast asleep and laments that it would have been better if he had been alert.

Gungun pleads with Damini to open the door, while Kadambari also knocks on it. Damini responds, informing them that she is currently using the bathroom. Kaveri reassures Kadambari that it’s not as if Damini has committed a sin and is incapable of even using the bathroom. She firmly believes that Damini won’t flee, leaving her own mother behind. Kadambari, however, expresses her knowledge of Damini’s capabilities and the potential troubles she could cause. Rahul, on the other hand, hopes that he doesn’t get caught up in any problems due to Damini and Kaveri.

Damini contacts Bhushan urgently, seeking his assistance. Bhushan inquires about the situation, and Damini proceeds to explain everything in detail. She emphasizes that now is the perfect opportunity for Bhushan to seek revenge against Radha. Damini implores him to ensure that Mohan doesn’t make it to the police station. Bhushan commends Damini for providing him with this chance, expressing his eagerness for such an opportunity. He assures her that he will handle everything and ends the call. With determination, he affirms that tonight Mohan will be spending time in the police station, and he won’t let him off the hook. Bhushan proceeds to make a phone call.

Meanwhile, Damini opens the door, and Gungun confronts her, questioning her actions in the bathroom. Damini casually responds that she did what everyone normally does in there. Gungun, distrustful, informs Kadambari that Damini is lying and asserts that they shouldn’t trust her. Kadambari, seeking clarification, asks Damini about her phone. Damini truthfully informs her that she doesn’t have her phone. Kadambari confirms that Damini indeed doesn’t possess her phone. Damini recollects how she had thrown her phone out of the window. Observing the window, Gungun points out to Kadambari that Damini might have disposed of the phone by tossing it out. Indignant, Damini protests, declaring that she is not a criminal and wouldn’t engage in such actions.

Kaveri vividly recalls the moment when Damini messaged her to retrieve the phone. Filled with determination, she diligently searches for Damini’s phone, only to discover it lying perilously close to a snake. Fear grips her as she gazes upon the unsettling sight. In her distress, she beseeches Lord Shiv to intervene and persuade the snake to relocate. A rush of relief washes over her as the snake obliges and slithers away. Seizing the opportunity, she quickly seizes Damini’s phone and hastily departs from the scene.

Meanwhile, Radha becomes intrigued by the peculiar movement of smoke in a specific direction. She instinctively begins removing boxes, following the smoke’s mysterious path.

Gungun suggests to Kadambari that they explore the rear side of the house, an idea to which Kadambari readily agrees. Curious about Kaveri’s whereabouts, Kadambari inquires about her friend’s location. Kaveri explains that she ventured off to procure evidence to prove Damini’s innocence. She discloses that she discovered Damini’s phone nestled within the sofa. Sensing a breakthrough, Damini urges Kadambari to examine the call history. Subsequently, Kadambari sends Damini and Kaveri away to pursue their investigation.

Mohan arrives at the police station, where Police Inspector Ajay informs Bhushan of Mohan’s presence. Bhushan assures Ajay that the agreed-upon payment will be delivered to Mohan’s residence.

[Episode End]

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