Pyar Ka Pehla Naam Radha Mohan

Pyar Ka Pehla Naam Radha Mohan 24 May 2023 Written Story Update

Pyar Ka Pehla Naam Radha Mohan 24 May 2023 Written Story Update On

The episode commences with Mohan informing Ketki that they should head to the office first. Damini intervenes and expresses her intention to accompany him. Mohan dismisses her offer, stating that it’s unnecessary. Sensing the possibility that Radha might fabricate a false story to frame her, Damini insists that she join them. Mohan, suspicious of Damini’s motives, instructs Kadambari to keep a close watch on her, as he lacks trust in Damini. Gungun interjects, expressing her desire to accompany Mohan. However, he reminds her that they are a team and she should remain at home, as Radha might attempt to contact the house phone. He assures Gungun that he will locate Radha and subtly instructs her to keep an eye on Damini. Meanwhile, Tulsi implores Lord Krishna to protect Gungun during her time with Mohan. Gungun, realizing that Mohan is about to leave, requests him to wait for a moment.

On the contrary, Radha berates herself for feeling weak due to her lack of food. Her gaze lands upon the boxes of ice cream, triggering memories of Gungun’s thoughtful gesture of offering her chocolate during lunch. Her eyes then catch sight of her bag.

Kadambari instructs Mohan and Ketki to summon her. Just as Gungun returns, she presents Mohan with curd and sugar. Tearfully, she expresses her fear of losing her mother once again, emphasizing that she cannot bear such a loss. In response, Mohan solemnly assures her that he will bring her mother back. He departs from the house accompanied by Ketki and Ajeet. Gungun earnestly implores Lord Krishna to safeguard Radha and swiftly reunite her with her family at home.

Meanwhile, Radha reaches into her bag and retrieves a chocolate. Just as she is about to indulge in the sweet treat, she abruptly halts. A thought crosses her mind: Has Gungun eaten anything? Inside the house, Dulari instructs Gungun to have her meal, but Gungun adamantly refuses. Sensing Gungun’s underlying concern for Radha, Kadambari assures her that even though she may be worried, skipping meals is not the solution. Gungun expresses her uncertainty about whether Radha has eaten anything, making it difficult for her to eat herself.

In the midst of this, Ketki attempts to contact Radha, but there is no response from the other end. She informs Mohan that Radha’s phone is still switched off.

Kadambari dials Mohan’s number anxiously, expressing her concern about Gungun’s lack of appetite. Mohan suggests putting the phone on speaker so he can address Gungun directly. He advises Gungun that if she wants Radha to eat, she must eat as well. Gungun reveals that she hasn’t eaten anything because Mohan hasn’t eaten either. Determined to resolve the situation, Mohan assures her that he has snacks in his car and promises to eat them. Although he discovers an empty wrapper, he fibs to Gungun, claiming he’s enjoying some biscuits. Urging her to eat, he convinces her to do so. Relieved, Kadambari informs Mohan that Gungun is now eating.

Meanwhile, Ketki assures Gungun that she will make sure Mohan consumes all the biscuits and ends the call. Reflecting to herself, Radha acknowledges that Mohan would ensure everyone else ate before himself. Mohan silently hopes that Radha will have something to eat as well.

[Episode End]

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