Pyar Ka Pehla Naam Radha Mohan

Pyar Ka Pehla Naam Radha Mohan 22 June 2023 Written Story Update

Pyar Ka Pehla Naam Radha Mohan 22 June 2023 Written Story Update On

The Episode Starts With Tulsi experiencing excruciating pain, prompting her to cry out Radha’s name. Sensing something amiss, Radha abruptly departs from the kitchen. Concerned, Mohan inquires if she didn’t enjoy the aloo paratha, to which Radha responds by mentioning that she felt as if someone called out to her. She proceeds to visit Gungun’s room, speculating that Tulsi might be there. Mohan advises her to rest while hoping that Tulsi is alright.

Meanwhile, at the office, Kaveri confides in Damini, expressing her inability to continue with their scheming. Damini asserts the necessity of eliminating the evidence, fearing Mohan’s wrath. She discloses that they have discovered the incriminating proof and explains that Radha intended to expose them using it. Damini further plans to undermine Mohan’s confidence to dissuade him from returning to the office. They swiftly gather the evidence and make their exit.

In the meantime, Radha regains consciousness and realizes she shouldn’t disturb Mohan. Despite this, she senses that a beloved person is in distress.

Damini and Kaveri rendezvous with Guru Maa, who reveals her ability to exploit the proof to eliminate Tulsi. She guarantees that within five days, she will cause significant trouble for Tulsi, resolving everything in due course. Emphasizing the importance of keeping Radha unaware of their plan, Damini and Kaveri depart. Guru Maa gazes upon Tulsi’s skeletal remains, determined to ensure that Radha suffers the same fate as Tulsi did.

On the contrary, Dadi expresses her apprehension to Rameshwar, sensing that something unfortunate might befall Radha. Rameshwar suggests that she can go and meet Radha if she wishes, but he himself won’t meet her.

The following day, Radha fervently prays to God for Mohan’s well-being and implores him to wake up. Her shock is palpable when she hears him snoring. In an attempt to rouse him, she playfully dips his finger in hot tea. Mohan questions her if she intended to burn him, but she responds with affectionate words. As he is about to mention Damini’s name, she warns him not to do so and urges him to get ready quickly before moving away. Mohan falls back asleep, and she teasingly threatens to pour tea on him next time, causing him to wake up in a state of fear.

Radha proceeds to Gungun’s room, where she inquires if Tulsi is present. Tulsi discreetly signals her, and Radha expresses her relief upon seeing her. Tulsi confides in Radha about being in pain and asks her to uncover the actions of Damini and Kaveri. However, Radha fails to catch any of their conversation.

Curious about how Damini intends to justify her absence from the cabin, Kaveri questions her. Damini assures her that she will find a solution. Ajeet informs Radha that Ketki is missing, and they eventually discover her sleeping on the sofa. Ketki awakens, and Ajeet asks her why she slept there. Ketki explains that she went for a walk and dozed off on the sofa. She then sends Ajeet to prepare tea for her and reveals to Radha that she witnessed Damini and Kaveri leaving the house the previous night, unable to recall what happened thereafter. Radha assures her that she will keep a close watch on Damini and Kaveri, advising Ketki not to worry. Damini confidently states to Kaveri that Radha is incapable of taking any action against them.

[Episode End]

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