Pyar Ka Pehla Naam Radha Mohan

Pyar Ka Pehla Naam Radha Mohan 05 June 2023 Episode Written Update

Pyar Ka Pehla Naam Radha Mohan 05 June 2023 Episode Written Update On

The episode commences with Radha accidentally tumbling into the cold storage room, causing several ice cream boxes to cascade onto her. Meanwhile, Tulsi makes a startling revelation that Bhushan is also implicated in the matter. A police inspector discloses to Damini that he took a risk for Bhushan, jeopardizing his own job, and now demands double the money. Furthermore, he confesses to defying his superior officer. Damini inquires whether he assaulted Mohan for financial gain, to which he responds that he retaliated because Mohan had attacked him, firmly stating that he will not release Mohan. Damini confirms that there are no CCTV cameras present in the room.

In response to this revelation, Tulsi decides to confront Damini. However, their encounter takes a violent turn as Damini forcefully smashes her head against the wall. She proceeds to slap herself, deliberately dishevels her hair, and cries out for help before fleeing from the scene. In pursuit of her, Damini claims that everyone in the Trivedi household has gone insane. Concerned family members inquire about the commotion, prompting Damini to explain that she had pleaded with the police inspector to release Mohan, but he became enraged and began assaulting her. Disputing her account, the police inspector asserts that Damini is lying. The Deputy Commissioner of Police (DCP) questions him regarding Damini’s injuries, pointing out that if she were lying, how would she have sustained those injuries. In response, the police inspector maintains that Damini inflicted harm upon herself and denies any physical contact with her. Damini vehemently denies these accusations, asserting that she is not foolish enough to harm herself.

DCP issues a warning of suspending the police inspector, to which the inspector responds by claiming that Damini lacks evidence to support her accusation. However, Ketki discovers a video recording of a conversation between the inspector and Mohan and promptly shows it to the DCP. Recognizing the incriminating evidence, the DCP declares his ability to suspend the inspector. In response, Damini cautions the inspector against revealing the truth, threatening to charge him with bribery and assault. Feeling remorseful, the inspector apologizes to Kadambari and releases Mohan. Tulsi acknowledges Damini’s rare act of goodness. As Mohan struggles to walk, Rahul and Ajeet lend him support.

Mohan expresses his concern for Radha’s safety and insists on going to her. Kadambari, however, refuses to let him go in his current condition. The DCP intervenes, advising Mohan to seek medical attention while assuring him that the police will locate Radha. Mohan expresses gratitude to the DCP and commends his actions. Gungun admires the DCP’s integrity and declares her own aspiration to become an honest and hardworking individual like him. Mohan, committed to a promise he made to Gungun, decides to rest as per her suggestion and trusts that Lord Krishna will guide them.

Tulsi contemplates how to inform them that Radha is near the cold storage. Gungun fervently prays to Lord Krishna and discovers a chocolate wrapper with a heart-shaped design that she had given to Radha. Excitedly, she shares this information with Mohan, who questions if anyone from outside had visited. A constable reveals that the owner of the cold storage and a watchman had come to file a complaint. Mohan notices the watchman, and Ketki confirms that they had seen him near the cold storage. Mohan assures Gungun that their prayers have been answered, emphasizing that as long as they have the support of Lord Krishna, nothing will happen to Radha. With determination, he leaves the scene. Damini confides in Kaveri, expressing her belief that Mohan will discover Radha’s lifeless body.

[Episode End]

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