Pyar Ka Pehla Naam Radha Mohan

Pyar Ka Pehla Naam Radha Mohan 27 May 2023 Written Story Update

Pyar Ka Pehla Naam Radha Mohan 27 May 2023 Written Story Update On

The episode commences as Mohan and the others are startled by a noise emanating from the cold storage room. Their attention is drawn to an accident, leading them to assume that the noise was a consequence of it. Subsequently, they depart from the area. Tulsi, deep in thought, convinces herself that there exists an unbreakable bond between Radha and Mohan, and consequently, Radha must be present as Mohan had suggested. Determined to locate her, Tulsi sets out to search for Radha.

Meanwhile, Gungun fervently prays to God, beseeching for Radha’s safety. Damini confides in Kaveri, explaining that Lord Krishna always stands by Radha’s side, and she believes that Mohan must have already arrived at the office. Damini expresses her concern, emphasizing the need to prevent Mohan from discovering Radha’s whereabouts in the cold storage room. Intrigued, Kaveri questions Damini about their plan to stop Mohan. In a hushed tone, Gungun instructs them to refrain from whispering and to speak audibly. Kaveri justifies their previous conversation, claiming that Damini was experiencing a coughing fit, which prompted her to offer Damini a glass of water. Gungun, unswayed by their explanation, asserts that she cannot be fooled and commands them to remain silent. Meanwhile, Damini harbors a sinister hope that Radha will perish tonight, allowing her to handle other matters.

Deep in thought, Mohan acknowledges his awareness of Radha’s pain, understanding that she must endure it for a little longer until he can reach her. In the meantime, Radha regains consciousness.

Gungun dials Ketki’s number anxiously, desperately inquiring about any news regarding Radha’s whereabouts. Ketki, however, decides to deceive her, assuring Gungun that they have indeed discovered Radha’s location and are en route to that place. A glimmer of joy sparks within Gungun upon hearing this news.

Mohan, feeling uneasy about the lie, privately advises Ketki that they cannot continue deceiving Gungun, emphasizing the importance of honesty. Kadambari and Gungun implore Mohan to intervene and express his opinion on the matter. Sensing the gravity of the situation, Mohan finally gathers the courage to address Gungun truthfully. He assures her that he has not yet found Radha but urges her to remain positive and composed, assuring her that he will bring Radha home safely. Gungun, displaying the bravery Radha always praised her for, agrees to wait patiently for Radha’s return. Mohan kindly asks her to take care of Kadambari and the house while they visit the police station to file a complaint.

At the sound of Mohan’s words, Damini is struck by shock, causing her to swiftly flee from the scene. Gungun, determined to uncover the truth, immediately gives chase, pursuing Damini relentlessly. Eventually, Damini seeks refuge in the bathroom, barricading herself inside and refusing to open the door despite Gungun and Kadambari’s pleas for her to do so.

As Radha finds herself trapped in the cold storage room, the suffocating smoke fills her lungs, causing her to cough relentlessly. Gasping for breath, she realizes that if the situation persists, her life may soon come to an end. Determined to survive, she knows she must take immediate action.

Amidst the chaos, Mohan implores Lord Krishna not to betray Radha’s trust and requests divine intervention to save her. Joining her hands in prayer, Radha desperately implores Lord Krishna to come to her aid.

Meanwhile, the cold storage owner discovers that the room’s temperature has unexpectedly risen. Realizing the potential loss they might face, he hurriedly informs his wife, leaving her deeply concerned and anxious.

Reflecting on his past actions, Mohan deeply regrets blaming Radha for everything. Overwhelmed by remorse, he expresses his regrets to Ketki, urging himself to focus on the present rather than dwelling on the past. In sorrow, he confides in Ketki about the harsh words he had spoken to Radha. Ajeet, determined to bring Radha back safely, reassures Mohan that nothing untoward will happen to her, promising that they will find her soon.

[Episode End]

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