Pyar Ka Pehla Naam Radha Mohan

Pyar Ka Pehla Naam Radha Mohan 30 June 2023 Written Story Update

Pyar Ka Pehla Naam Radha Mohan 30 June 2023 Written Story Update On

The Episode Starts With Radha sobbing uncontrollably as she embraces Mohan. Seeking solace, Mohan assures her that Rameshwar will be fine. Radha reveals that Rameshwar is currently in the ICU, and she blames herself for her father’s deteriorating condition.

Overwhelmed with guilt, she confides in Mohan that she would never be able to forgive herself if anything were to happen to her father. In an attempt to console her, Mohan urges Radha not to cry. Meanwhile, the doctor approaches them with positive news, stating that Rameshwar is now out of danger.

He explains that Rameshwar experienced a minor heart attack caused by stress, but assures them that there is no cause for worry. Mohan takes it upon himself to settle the hospital bill, while Radha heads to the hospital temple to express her gratitude to God.

In another part of the story, Padma confronts Ajeet and menacingly suggests that she could render him unconscious and take him to Banaras against his will. She questions whether he is willing to defy her, to which Ajeet shakes his head in disagreement. Padma brandishes a terrifying-looking toy, frightening Ajeet further, and warns him that Kanjulika will consume him.

She forcefully discards the toy and insists that Ajeet accompany her to Banaras. Just then, Ketki unexpectedly arrives at the scene, shocked to see Padma’s presence. Addressing her as “mother-in-law,” Ketki’s expression reveals her astonishment.

Radha confides in God, expressing her gratitude to Rameshwar for being a supportive figure to both her mother and father. Despite feeling responsible for her father’s current condition, she acknowledges that Rameshwar saved him and promises not to confront him again.

Ketki seeks Padma’s blessings, who reveals that Ketki was the one who separated her from Ajeet. Ajeet defends his love for Ketki and asserts that even the Trivedis support their relationship, refusing to go with Padma. In an attempt to intimidate Ajeet, Padma shows him a toy, which Ketki promptly burns. Ajeet embraces Ketki, praising her, and firmly states that it is his life and his decision regarding with whom he wants to be.

Dadi advises Radha against separating from Rameshwar, but Radha adamantly refuses to meet him. Dadi insists that she should stay with Rameshwar and reveals that he wants to see her. Ajeet apologizes to Padma and explains that he cannot go with her. He questions how she can live with Mama ji and Mandira, while expressing his happiness with Ketki and their soon-to-be-born child. He leaves with Ketki, and Padma curses Ketki in frustration.

Radha visits Rameshwar and holds his hand, which leads to his regaining consciousness. She apologizes to him, but he reassures her that it was not her fault. Encouraging her not to worry, he admits that his condition is not her responsibility and is connected to a burden from the past. Perplexed, Radha asks him about the burden, prompting him to explain that he intends to let go of her mother’s belongings.

Dadi insists that Rameshwar needs rest and escorts Radha away. Meanwhile, Mandira emerges from her hiding place and expresses satisfaction that they are doing what she desires. She even goes as far as mentioning her ability to harm Radha if she wishes. Rameshwar assures her that everything will occur according to her wishes, and they agree not to meet again before parting ways.

Mohan informs Radha that he is the only one allowed to visit Rameshwar in the hospital because of her actions. Radha pleads with him not to blame himself. Mohan promises to stay by Rameshwar’s side. Padma calls Mandira and informs her that she is returning to Banaras, prompting Mandira to realize she must also go back.

Damini informs Mohan that Mandira is not answering her calls and has yet to finalize the cover design. Concerned, Mohan tells Radha that he must go to Banaras and leaves. Gungun reads a story, and Radha assures her that bad mothers do not exist, emphasizing that mothers never abandon their children. Curious about Radha’s mother, Gungun inquires further. Radha explains that she lost her mother when she was a child and doesn’t remember much, but Rameshwar always emphasized how much her mother loved her.

[Episode End]

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