Pyar Ka Pehla Naam Radha Mohan

Pyar Ka Pehla Naam Radha Mohan 08 June 2023 Written Story Update

Pyar Ka Pehla Naam Radha Mohan 08 June 2023 Written Story Update On

The Episode Starts with Kadambari suggesting to Mohan that they should search for Radha in a different location. The Trivedi family decides to vacate the cold storage area. Meanwhile, Damini mutters to herself that Radha’s life will end in a matter of minutes. Radha softly utters the names of Mohan and Gungun, entreating Mohan to turn around and catch a glimpse of her. Mohan turns away and departs from the scene, leaving Radha in tears. Overwhelmed with gratitude, she expresses her thanks to Lord Krishna for granting her final wish. Despite losing consciousness, she prays to Lord Krishna for the safety of Mohan and Gungun, urging Him to protect them from Damini’s clutches.

On a different note, Kaveri pretends to engage in a conversation with an imaginary thug. Tulsi repeatedly slaps Kaveri, demanding to know Radha’s whereabouts. Tulsi firmly asserts that Kaveri and Damini are not humane. Feigning unconsciousness, Kaveri falls into the mud. Wondering how to locate Radha, Tulsi departs from the scene. She advises Mohan to interrogate Kaveri, as she believes that Kaveri holds crucial information regarding Radha’s location.

Mohan’s frustration mounts as he continues to receive no information about Radha. Overwhelmed with emotion, he succumbs to tears. Gungun consoles him, assuring him that Lord Krishna will aid them in locating Radha. However, Mohan’s exasperation leads him to scold Lord Krishna for endangering Radha and toying with his emotions. In his despair, Mohan notices a priest and decides to follow him, with the Trivedis following suit.

The priest proceeds to unlock the doors of Lord Krishna’s temple. Mohan, standing before the deity, declares his unwavering determination to find Radha, refusing to accept defeat. He resolves to remain standing on one leg until his quest is fulfilled, shocking everyone present. Kadambari reminds him of his injuries, but he dismisses her concern and maintains his stance. Observing Mohan’s unwavering devotion, the priest takes notice.

Gungun, inspired by Mohan’s determination, joins him in standing on one leg and earnestly beseeches Lord Krishna to heed their prayers and reunite mother and daughter. The Trivedis also join the arduous stance. Acknowledging their unwavering faith, the priest assures them that Lord Krishna will grant their request. Just then, Kaveri arrives at the scene.

Tulsi implores Lord Krishna to listen to Gungun’s prayer and facilitate the reunion of the mother and daughter. Mohan, in his plea to Lord Krishna, seeks assistance in their endeavor. Suddenly, a rat emerges from behind Lord Ganesh’s idol and scampers into the cold storage. Radha regains consciousness and notices the rat. Expressing her gratitude for the company, she advises the rat to leave to avoid the cold.

Kaveri approaches Damini, inquiring about the duration they must endure the one-legged stance, as her leg is in pain. Damini reassures her that in a few minutes, Radha will perish. The struggle to maintain the stance becomes increasingly challenging for everyone. Mohan, on the brink of collapse, is supported by Kadambari. Damini warns him that his knees could sustain permanent damage, preventing him from walking in the future, urging him to sit down. However, Mohan remains steadfast, asserting that his devotion is his prayer, and he will continue his penance until Radha is found.

[Episode End]

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