Pyar Ka Pehla Naam Radha Mohan

Pyar Ka Pehla Naam Radha Mohan 29 June 2023 Written Story Update

Pyar Ka Pehla Naam Radha Mohan 29 June 2023 Written Story Update On

The Episode Starts With Radha arrives at the temple, overcome with emotions upon seeing her father and Dadi. Memories of the moments they shared flood her mind. Mandira, noticing Rameshwar, believes she has traveled back in time. Radha and Mandira make their way toward Rameshwar. Kadambari, observing the situation, reassures Rameshwar not to worry about Radha. Rameshwar confides in her that his task is complete and departs from the scene with Dadi. Kadambari notices Radha’s presence. Meanwhile, Rameshwar and Dadi engage in prayer, only to be taken aback by Mandira’s unexpected arrival. Mandira grins upon seeing them.

In a conversation with Kadambari, Radha reveals that it was Mohan who encouraged her to reunite with her family. Kadambari expresses her understanding and advises Radha to meet her family and attempt to convince them. With that, Kadambari departs from the scene. Concerned about Mandira’s presence, Rameshwar swiftly escorts Dadi away to avoid any encounter. However, Mandira insists that since she came to meet them, she will indeed do so.

Gungun expresses her desires to Ajeet, specifically asking for a mobile phone. Ketki scolds Ajeet for indulging Gungun’s demands, while Ajeet decides to cancel the idea of getting her a mobile and prepares to go to the bazaar. Ketki insists on accompanying him, as she plans to uncover Ajeet’s suspected affair.

Rameshwar and Dadi are filled with fear upon seeing Mandira’s presence. Mandira triumphantly declares her victory once again. Rameshwar firmly states that they have no connection with her anymore. Mandira questions the whereabouts of Radha, screaming her name and catching Radha’s attention. Rameshwar informs her that Radha is not present, leading Mandira to grab his collar in anger. Reminding him of how she destroyed his family fifteen years ago, she claims she can do anything now. Dadi pleads for her to release Rameshwar.

Mandira slaps Dadi and clarifies that she didn’t come to fight. She proceeds to threaten harm to Radha unless they destroy the evidence that could establish her connection to them. Rameshwar reminds her that she took Radha’s mother away from her. Determined to protect Radha, he vows to keep Mandira away from her. Mandira mocks his lack of action fifteen years ago and questions his ability to do anything now. Suddenly, they hear Radha’s voice and witness her presence. Radha approaches them, and Rameshwar goes to her, addressing her as Mrs. Trivedi.

Mandira captures a photo of Radha and sends it to someone, instructing them to gather all available information about her. Radha expresses her disappointment in Rameshwar’s treatment of her. Rameshwar leads Dadi away, while Radha remains in tears. Mandira receives information about Radha.

In the bazaar, Ajeet and Ketki finish their shopping. They discuss the idea of a second honeymoon. However, Ajeet suddenly gets kidnapped. Ketki follows the car in an autorickshaw.

Damini informs Mohan that a lady has come to meet him. They head to his office. Mandira introduces herself to Mohan and expresses her desire to purchase ten lakh copies of the Bhagavad Gita. She specifies that she needs the order by July 3rd. Mohan informs her that it is impossible to fulfill such a request. Undeterred, Mandira offers to pay the full amount and emphasizes the significance of that day for her and her family. She explains her intention to distribute the Bhagavad Gita to help people overcome their sorrows, praising Lord Krishna. Damini notices Mandira’s resemblance to Radha. Despite the initial hesitation, Mohan agrees to take the order, discussing his wife Radha. Mandira takes a selfie with Mohan, and Ajeet is shocked to see Padma.

Radha apologizes to Rameshwar and Dadi, expressing how much she missed them. Mandira sends the selfie of her and Mohan to Rameshwar, then calls him to confirm if he received the photo.

Mohan video calls Radha and inquires about her reunion with her family. Radha informs him of her attempts to convince them. Mohan mentions Mandira and suggests that Radha talks to her. Rameshwar snatches the phone from Radha and engages in a conversation with Mohan. Mohan introduces Mandira as his client, leaving Rameshwar and Dadi terrified. Overwhelmed, Rameshwar drops the phone and collapses. Mohan instructs Radha to take Rameshwar to the hospital. Mandira smirks, believing that Rameshwar suffered a heart attack just from seeing the trailer of what is to come.

[Episode End]

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