Pyar Ka Pehla Naam Radha Mohan

Pyar Ka Pehla Naam Radha Mohan 04 June 2023 Episode Written Update

Pyar Ka Pehla Naam Radha Mohan 04 June 2023 Episode Written Update On

The episode opens with Radha encountering an unfortunate incident where her hair becomes entangled in a ventilation fan, resulting in the loss of her locks. Meanwhile, the DCP reprimands a police inspector, expressing his disappointment that the latter did not assist the Trivedis in finding Radha. He scolds the inspector for resorting to violence against a civilian and commands him to release Mohan. The inspector, however, informs the DCP that he cannot release Mohan, to which the DCP threatens to suspend him. In response, the inspector reveals that Mohan had assaulted him. Tulsi interjects, urging everyone to stop wasting time. Mohan appeals to the DCP, stating that he needs to search for Radha.

Radha reminisces about the incident when she attempted to take Mohan’s phone and he mistook her braid for a snake. Curious, she asks him if her braid resembles a snake. Mohan explains that he dreamt of a snake and believes that the dayan possesses power in her hair, which is why she never lets her braid loose. He expresses his desire to see her hair down, as he has never witnessed her with open hair, believing it would dispel any notions of her being a dayan. Radha counters by suggesting that he has never seen her leg, and playfully claims to be half chudail and half dayan. Mohan, intrigued, gazes at her leg, causing her to scream. He insists on seeing her with open hair, teasingly remarking that he is becoming romantic. Radha requests him to let her sleep. She then snaps back to reality, determined not to accept defeat and to find her way back to Mohan.

The Deputy Commissioner of Police (DCP) issues a warning to a police inspector, threatening to take action against him. In response, the police inspector calmly requests the DCP to provide a written order, stating that he will release Mohan once he receives it. Nearby, Kaveri whispers to Damini, speculating that Bhushan must have paid a significant sum of money to the police inspector. Sensing the urgency of the situation, Kadambari pulls the DCP aside and inquires about their next course of action. The DCP explains that he cannot issue a written order because Mohan has violated the law. If he were to support Mohan, he would face consequences as well.

Perplexed by the police inspector’s refusal to release Mohan, Damini decides to approach Bhushan for answers. She dials Bhushan’s number and informs him about the police inspector’s actions, urging him to intervene and ensure Mohan’s release. However, Bhushan dismisses Damini’s authority, vowing revenge on Mohan for the humiliation he suffered at the Trivedi house before abruptly ending the call.

Mohan consoles Radha, assuring her not to lose hope as he plans to reunite with her soon. In an aside to Kaveri, Damini expresses her determination to save Mohan in order to regain the trust of everyone around her. She approaches the police inspector and requests a private conversation, murmuring that Bhushan sent her. Intrigued, the police inspector accompanies Damini to a separate room. Simultaneously, the owner of the cold storage facility arrives at the police station, accompanied by the watchman, filing a complaint with a constable.

Gungun informs Kadambari about Damini’s suspicious behavior, prompting Kadambari to consider entering the room. However, Kaveri intervenes, assuring Kadambari that Damini would not take any actions that could harm Mohan. Kadambari agrees to give Damini a chance, and Kaveri reiterates her belief that Damini will ensure the police inspector releases Mohan. Meanwhile, Radha accidentally falls into the cold storage.

[Episode End]

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