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Naagin 6 17 June 2023 Written Story Update

Naagin 6 17 June 2023 Written Story Update On

The episode begins with Raghav witnessing the trembling of a trunk. Curiosity piqued, he cautiously opens it only to discover a snake coiled inside. Without causing harm, he allows the snake to slither away freely. Just then, Pradeep and Asita bring Mehek to the scene, explaining that they had confined the snake within the trunk. Spotting Raghu nearby, Mehek acknowledges his presence, but he hastily mentions his upcoming photo shoot and departs. Observing the empty trunk, Mehek remarks that it is highly unlikely for a snake to have entered their premises. Overhearing her comment, Raghu interjects, affirming that a snake did indeed enter but he had allowed it to leave.

Meanwhile, Aryan carries Nidhi, with Pragati closely monitoring their actions. Intrigued, she trails them and eventually comes across Aryan and his friends escorting Vidhi into the depths of the jungle. Desperate for help, Vidhi cries out, but her pleas fall on deaf ears as they render her unconscious. At that very moment, Pragati assumes her serpent form and materializes before them. Aryan and his companions are petrified by the sight of the formidable serpent. Seizing the opportunity, Pragati declares her intent to eliminate them, launching a fierce attack. Frightened, Aryan seeks refuge behind a tree, capturing the unfolding events on video, under the impression that he will attain fame by sharing it on social media. After successfully recording the incident, he attempts to flee from the scene, but Pragati swiftly apprehends him, sinking her fangs into his flesh. As she proclaims his punishment, she warns that he will remain lifeless for an eternity.

Pragati rouses Vidhi from her slumber, and as Vidhi regains consciousness, she warmly embraces her sister. Pragati consoles her, urging her not to be afraid, assuring her that those who intended harm have received their due punishment. Together, they prepare to depart from their current location. However, Pragati suddenly realizes that she has left her phone behind in the jungle. She settles Vidhi in an auto and goes back to retrieve her device. After successfully reclaiming her phone, Pragati is captivated by the sweet strains of romantic music and ponders its origin.

Meanwhile, Raghav and Riana find themselves immersed in their pre-engagement photoshoot. Riana instructs her assistants to release fireflies, illuminating the scene. In the midst of the shoot, Pragati chances upon Riana and Raghav. Unexpectedly, Riana’s companions set off the fireflies, which triggers a wave of haunting memories for Raghav, reminding him of Prathna and Raghu’s tragic demise. Alarmed, he sprints forward, calling out to Prathna, imploring her to save herself. Pragati hears his cries and realizes that he is her beloved Raghu. Rushing to his aid, she assists him as he succumbs to unconsciousness. Eventually, Raghav regains awareness and finds Pragati by his side, playfully teasing her. Riana interrupts their interaction, cautioning Pragati to stay away from her betrothed. Determined to confirm Raghav’s true identity, Pragati resolves to uncover if he is indeed Raghu. However, Riana whisks Raghav away for the continuation of their photo shoot.

Meanwhile, Sundar and Meenakshi engage in fervent prayers for Prathna’s soul to find eternal peace. Vidhi and Pragati return home, where Vidhi pleads with Pragati not to inform their parents about the recent attack. Meenakshi joins them and questions Pragati about her recent peculiar behavior. Sundar, in jest, asks if Pragati has fallen in love. Meenakshi dismisses the notion, playfully mocking Pragati with a fabricated tale. Unfazed, Pragati inquires if Sundar believes in the concept of reincarnation. Meenakshi scoffs at the idea, ridiculing Pragati with a fictional story. Unwavering in her belief, Pragati asserts her faith in the reincarnation of lovers. Sundar recalls reading in ancient texts that reincarnation is indeed possible. Pragati’s thoughts wander to Raghav, consumed by her contemplation.

During his workout session, Raghav continually finds his thoughts fixated on Pragati, wondering why she permeates his every imagination. To his surprise, Pragati materializes before him, and upon noticing the mark of his previous demise on Raghav’s body, she confirms his true identity as her beloved Raghu. Determined to help him recollect their shared past, she embarks on a mission to restore his memories. Meanwhile, Mehek enters a concealed room, catching sight of someone within, prompting her recollection of an attack that transpired two decades ago. Emerging from the room, Mehek’s presence catches Pragati’s attention, and she covertly conceals herself, contemplating the reason behind Mehek’s unexpected appearance from that particular direction.

Suwarna approached the decorators, requesting them to change the decorations. However, Mehek intervened, stating that the current decorations were Raghav’s favorite colors and suggested leaving them as they were. Pradeep and Asita then arrived, informing Mehek that Aryan was missing. Soon after, Raghav joined them, revealing that he had spent the previous night with Aryan in the jungle and assuring everyone that he would return. Mehek reminded Raghav about their engagement and urged him to go and try on his outfit. Reluctantly, Raghav agreed and left.

A flashback showed Pragati visiting Naag Mahal, where she informed Takshak that Raghav was her Raghu, but he had no memory of their past and was getting engaged that day. Takshak instructed Pragati to make Raghav remember his past and warned her against allowing him to form new connections, as it would impede her plans.

Pragati halted Raghav’s car and reenacted his first encounter with Prathna in an attempt to trigger his memory. Raghav began feeling dizzy and questioned if she was Prathna. Pragati affirmed his suspicion and tried to reveal the truth, but Suwarna arrived, interrupting their conversation. Raghav noticed Pragati’s absence but chose not to disclose it to Suwarna. Pragati departed, determined to help Raghav recall his past before the engagement.

Asita wondered why the police had summoned her and what had happened to her son. At that moment, the police brought Aryan’s lifeless body home on a stretcher. Asita desperately inquired about her son’s condition, and the inspector explained that they had found Aryan in a jungle, apparently bitten by a snake. Despite taking him to the hospital, he had not recovered. Mehek was shocked and remembered Asita and Pradeep mentioning a snake at their place. Mehek dismissed the police and urged Asita and others to continue with the preparations for the engagement, citing that the invitations had already been sent out. Mehek collected Aryan’s blood, determined to identify the venomous snake on the night of the full moon.

Later, Mehek, Suwarna, and Asita welcomed Riana’s family. Mehek inquired about Raghav’s whereabouts, and he arrived with Ajay, who was seated in a wheelchair. Mehek was displeased with this sight and urged Raghav to begin the ring ceremony. Raghav sought blessings from Ajay, and Suwarna asked him if he was truly happy. Suwarna expressed that he should marry the one he loved. Just as Riana and Raghav were about to exchange rings, Pragati caused a power outage, enabling her to abduct Raghav unnoticed. Ajay witnessed the incident, and once the power was restored, everyone realized Raghav was missing and began searching for him. Raghav regained consciousness in Naagmahal, bewildered as to how he ended up there. Pragati appeared, informing him that she had brought him to that place.

[Episode End]

Precap : Pragati implores Raghu to reminisce about their shared history. She gracefully moves and twirls around him, hoping to trigger his memories. Meanwhile, Mehek receives news of Prathna’s return.

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