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Naagin 6 25 June 2023 Written Story Update

Naagin 6 25 June 2023 Written Story Update On

The Episode Starts With Pratha’s soul addressing Mehek as Mehek Didi. Startled, Mehek exclaims, “Pratha?” Pratha confirms her identity and discloses that she has reincarnated as Punarjanm to exact punishment upon Mehek. Filled with fear, Mehek hastily departs from the scene.

Meanwhile, Pragati meets her mother and expresses her joy at their reunion. She vows to defeat her enemies. Pratha cautions Pragati that the path to vengeance won’t be easy and advises her not to succumb to the obstacles she will encounter. Determined, Pragati gives her word. Pratha vanishes into thin air.

Seething with anger, Mehek engages in Nritya (a traditional dance form). Pragati desires to intervene, but Takshak restrains her, explaining that she currently lacks the power to overcome Mehek. Takshak suggests that Pragati marries Raghu in a specific manner, as the union will awaken dormant powers within them, aiding in their battle against Mehek.

Pragati consents. Later, Pratha meets Raghav and relishes recounting how she instilled fear in Mehek and others. Raghav gazes at her intently. Attempting to escape his gaze, she flees, but he catches up with her and they engage in a passionate dance, ultimately sharing a kiss.

Asita investigates Aryan’s phone and discovers a photo of Vidhi. She informs Pradeep that Vidhi has a connection with Prathna and insists they delve deeper, especially since Vidhi abruptly left her job. Suwarna overhears their conversation. Vidhi endeavors to secure another job. Meenakshi and Sundaram question Vidhi’s decision to seek new employment when she already has a job.

Vidhi reveals that she left her previous job due to Aryan and his friends’ attempted misconduct. Enraged, Sundar vows to teach Aryan and his friends a lesson and departs for Aryan’s residence accompanied by the police. Meanwhile, Pragati arrives at the scene. Meenakshi scolds Pragati for withholding the truth and reveals that Sundar went to confront Aryan and his friends. Worried, Pragati fears that Mehek might harm her father.

Sundar arrives at Mehek’s house accompanied by the police team and calls for Aryan. However, Asita intercepts them, leading to a heated argument. Meanwhile, Pragati, observing from her hiding spot, witnesses the unfolding events. Mehek contemplates the connection between Vidhi and Prathna. Just then, Raghav arrives and apologizes to Sundar, urging him to forgive Aryan and his family.

Sundar, considering Raghav’s plea, pardons Aryan on his behalf and departs. Pragati anticipates that tonight, Mehek will face the consequences for her crimes.

Later, Mehek visits Naag Mahal and inquires why Takshak summoned her. Takshak instructs Mehek to fulfill her duties by undertaking the Narayan Chariot yatra. However, Mehek refuses to proceed until she obtains the treasure. Takshak proposes that she can acquire the treasure if she performs the puja for the well-being of Naag lok. Mehek reluctantly agrees and departs. Pragati questions Takshak’s motive for inviting her, to which he reveals it as a ploy to deceive Mehek.

He instructs Pragati to conduct the main puja with Raghav, ultimately enabling her to gain the power to defeat Mehek by marrying Raghav. Subsequently, Pragati and Raghav carry out the Rada Yatra Puja. Takshak advises Pragati to never remove Pratha’s ring from her finger, and he insists that she marry Raghav that very night to acquire the power necessary to defeat Mehek. Pragati consents, and Takshak instructs both Pragati and Raghav to place the idols of the gods in the chariot.

As they participate in the Rada Yatra, Mehek arrives, causing Pragati and Raghav to hide. Takshak prompts Mehek to perform the puja, signaling Pragati and Raghav to make their exit. Pragati and Raghav prepare for their marriage, with Pragati informing Raghav that he will gain his Shesh Naag powers once they are wed. They complete all the rituals and officially become husband and wife. Sundar queries Vidhi about the events that transpired the night she was kidnapped by Aryan.

Vidhi reveals that Pragati saved her and taught a lesson to those who misbehaved with her. Sundar is left stunned. Meenakshi arrives and expresses her deep concern for Pragati, as she has not been answering any calls. Meanwhile, Raghav and Pragati enjoy a pleasant time in the jungle. Raghav informs Pragati that the upcoming night will be unforgettable for her. Mehek confides in Suwarna and Asita, sensing that something is amiss due to Takshak’s sudden change in behavior towards her.

Just then, Mehek receives a message, prompting her to request Suwarna and Asita’s presence. They all arrive at the jungle where Pragati and Raghav are spending time together. Upon spotting them, Pragati asserts her determination not to let them escape. Mehek questions when Pragati stopped trusting people, and Asita smiles, revealing that Raghav called them there.

Pragati declares that Raghav is her Raghu, but he refutes the claim, joining forces with Mehek and presenting her with a gift. Pragati questions if he has forgotten his past life, and Raghav admits to merely pretending to be her Raghu. This revelation shocks Pragati, who realizes that Raghav feigned affection to protect his family, blaming her for his father’s current state.

Pragati laments her misplaced trust and asserts that she will never forgive him for toying with her emotions. Determined to punish him, she attempts to transform into a Naagin but fails, prompting Raghav to reveal that he removed her ring. Pragati is left in utter disbelief.

[Episode End]

Precap : Raghav fires a shot at Pragati.

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