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Naagin 6 11 June 2023 Written Story Update

Naagin 6 11 June 2023 Written Story Update On

The Episode Starts with Pragati contemplating her inexplicable connection to Raghav’s house. She urgently summons her sister, expressing the need to depart and citing a headache. Vidhi, however, mentions the requirement to take one more room measurement and departs for the task. Meanwhile, Raghav makes an announcement, declaring his intention to serenade someone special. He directs his gaze towards Pragati and proceeds to sing the song “Baby I Love You,” envisioning himself dancing with her. Suddenly, a short circuit occurs during the party, leading to a fire outbreak. In the ensuing chaos, everyone hastily evacuates the premises. Unfortunately, Pragati becomes trapped amidst the flames and begins to recall her past life. It dawns upon her that she has been reborn as Prathna. As the burning rod threatens to fall upon her, Raghav desperately tries to alert her, but she remains unresponsive. Ultimately, Raghav heroically saves her from the impending danger, yet he remains perplexed as to why she froze. Pragati loses consciousness, finding solace within Raghav’s embrace.

Later on, Vidhi informs her parents that Pragati is regaining consciousness. Meenakshi and Sundar approach Pragati, inquiring about the incident. Vidhi narrates how Raghav risked his life to rescue Pragati and expresses their confusion over her frozen state. Pragati simply attributes her reaction to fear upon witnessing the fire. She then retreats to freshen up, turning on the shower and letting her tears flow as she mourns the loss of her husband and children. She questions the motives behind her rebirth, directing her grievances towards Lord Shiva, and declares that the pain she endured can never be forgotten. Gazing at her reflection in the mirror, she resolves to inflict agonizing deaths upon her enemies.

Meanwhile, Suwarna confides in Mehek, expressing their apprehension about returning to Raghu’s house and the ominous aura surrounding the fire incident. Mehek, however, reassures her, urging her not to worry and insisting that their past will not haunt them. Asita interjects, acknowledging the uncertainty of the situation. Mehek, confident in Prathna’s demise, dismisses any potential threats against them, stating that no one can oppose them since Prathna is dead.

Pragati’s heart fills with emotion as she witnesses Meenakshi’s profound love for her. Holding her margin form, Pragati makes her way to Raghu’s house, reminiscing about the beautiful moments she shared with Raghu and her children. Thoughts about Raghav and his connection to the house occupy Pragati’s mind as she steps inside, hoping to find clues about Mehek and Suwarna. To her surprise, she sees Raghav entering the kitchen, intending to prepare popcorn. However, unable to locate the popcorn, he seeks his mother’s assistance. Suwarna arrives and lends a helping hand. Pragati is taken aback when she realizes that Raghav is Suwarna’s son. She ponders the possibility of Suwarna remarrying after Ajay’s death. Just then, Mehek joins Raghav and Suwarna, expressing her desire to be a part of their popcorn movie night. Raghav affectionately declares his love for her. Pragati’s mind races with thoughts of her enemies enjoying life, tearing her family away from her. Determined to seek revenge, she vows that her revenge will commence. Raghav invites Mehek and Suwarna to join him for the movie night, but they decline, claiming fatigue. Raghav, unwilling to watch the movie alone, decides to go for a bike ride instead. Pragati resolves to teach Suwarna and Mehek a lesson by causing harm to Raghav.Raghav enjoys his bike ride, relishing the freedom it brings. Pragati, in her snake form, causes Raghav to lose control and fall from his bike. Startled by the sight of a snake, Raghav hastily retreats. Pragati seizes Raghav and renders him unconscious, contemplating burning him. However, her inner self reminds her that it is wrong to punish an innocent person. Heeding her conscience, Pragati releases Raghav. She informs Raghu and her children that she will not let her enemies go unpunished.Pragati enters Naagmahal, where Takshak welcomes her, stating that they have been anticipating her return for 21 years. Pragati introduces herself to Takshak, affirming her intent to seek revenge. However, Takshak advises her against acting out of anger and implores her to wait until she regains her powers as Shesh Naagin. Takshak reveals that Shesh Naag has also been reborn and assures Pragati that love will reunite them. He tells her to recognize him by the mark on his body from his previous life’s death. Pragati prays to Lord Shiva for an opportunity to meet her Shesh Naag.Mehek tends to Raghav’s injured feet and urges him not to leave the house for his parties. Suwarna questions Mehek about the Nagin that attacked Raghav, but Mehek dismisses it as just a snake, asking her not to worry. As Vidhi prepares to leave for work, she invites Pragati to accompany her, but Pragati declines, citing unfinished business. Realizing she lacks the power to transform into different forms, Pragati understands that she cannot confront Mehek directly. She resolves to keep a close watch on Mehek and Suwarna. Taking on her snake form, she hides amidst Vidhi’s renovation materials, intending to make her way to Mehek’s location.Mehek confronts Raghav about his failure to disclose his feelings for Riana. She conveys her acceptance of their alliance, acknowledging Riana’s beauty and her father’s influence as a film producer. Mehek suggests they have their engagement the following day. Raghav appears discontented. Riana feeds Raghav a sweet and proposes a jungle photoshoot before their engagement, but Raghav declines. Mehek insists, and eventually, Raghav agrees. Meanwhile, Pragati notices Suwarna taking a plate of food to a room and decides to follow her. To her astonishment, Pragati discovers Ajay is alive, leaving her puzzled about how it came to be. Swiftly transforming into her snake form, Pragati slips away unnoticed before Suwarna catches sight of her. Pradeep shows the snake to Asita, who covers it with a cloth and instructs him to call Mehek. Asita’s son spikes Vidhi’s water, causing her to lose consciousness. Asita places the snake in a box and goes to fetch Mehek. Curiosity getting the better of him, Raghav opens the box, only to be met with a shocking sight—a snake.

[Episode End]

Precap : As Raghav poses for a photo shoot with Riana, a sudden gunshot sound pierces the air, jolting him back to his haunting past. His heart pounds with fear as memories come rushing back. In a state of panic, he urgently calls out to Prathna, urging her to flee with their precious children. Pragati, witnessing this alarming scene, watches in disbelief. Her eyes widen as she notices a bullet mark etched on Raghav’s body, and a deep sense of recognition dawns upon her – this wounded man is her beloved Raghu. Determined to help him regain his lost memories, she embarks on a quest to trigger his forgotten past.

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